How To Start your own Git Server in less than 30 Minutes

It's official GitHub sold us out, so what are the alternatives? You could switch to GitLab or BitBucket and wait till Microsoft or others buying them and get in an infinite loop, or you create your own Server! A small group of members started already an own Repo, sadly it was already too late because... Continue Reading →

Is Microsoft going to buy GitHub?

Microsoft is said to be in serious talks about a possible acquisition of GitHub, currently the largest source-code repository in the world. A report by Business Insider suggests the Redmond giant has been in talks regarding a buyout for years now but that the discussions have heated up recently, possibly owing to the impending departure... Continue Reading →

GitHub Hit by Biggest DDOS Attack Ever

Github was hit by the biggest DDoS attack ever recorded on Wednesday. According to Akamai Prolexic the attack peaked at 1.35 Tbps and this attack utilized memcached servers that return 50 times the data to the IP spoofed address of the victim. Overview A DDoS attack is one of the most common methods employed by hackers to... Continue Reading →

GitHub is dropping support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1

Good news for all security friends out there, GitHub the well-known code-publishing platform just dropped support for weak crypto defaults, their Weak cryptographic standards removal notice which already was posted a while back - states that as of yesterday all of the weak cryptos are now fully removed.     Permanently disable deprecated algorithms This change means... Continue Reading →

Behind GitHub’s Two-Factor-Auth

For those who wonder how GitHub's Two-Factor-Auth 'style 2' codes work, there is an article which explains the basic mechanism. It will explain the magic from getting the QR code to getting a spinning 6-digit pin code. Like magic,... like magic. otpauth://totp/Github:rcoh?secret=onswg4tforrw6zdf&issuer=Github Scanning the QR code will tell you the protocol, TOTP who is issuing this OTP... Continue Reading →

My GitHub summary for 2017

I recently found a good project which summarize your own GitHub chart. You can also check someone else account but the request amount is limited, because the API doesn't allow more than 50 requests per hour. The summary page requires you to star the GitHub source code project first untill you can see your own... Continue Reading →

Online Privacy Test Resource List (POTARC) – check your privacy setup!

Shameless self-advertising (sorry!) but I want you guys show a little project I designed which might help to improve your overall security setup. The list is basically designed to show and give people the possibility to check their systems or applications against known leaks, threats or other data leaks. The list is open source and... Continue Reading →

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