AdGuard for Windows 6 months free

The hype - oh the hype! AdGuard, I have the feeling I read every 6 months the same - get it for free! Well, I'm thankfully for it, better this than pirating the app or run into malware infection because so called 'pre-cracked' versions which you might try to bypass the license verification. But let's... Continue Reading →

Google Play Store Deals January 2018 – 50 Games and Apps – Go grab ’em!

Another year and another deal, Google Play Store is doing it again, lots of good apps are for free these days - You need to hurry up to collect 'em all! Games Dinosaur Hunt Survival Pro Stickman Legends: Shadow Wars AceSpeeder3 Mega Cubes 3D Memorize Everything Me 4D Cubez Baketure Finger Snake 8 Bit Retro... Continue Reading →

Gratis games & applications – Dec. 2017

The year is almost over, christmas is upcoming and you're might be tired because you eat way too much - then you might want to play games or collect apps for free? Yes, then this article cover your needs. Free games, applications! Collect them all before the year ends - Hurry! Games Alien Carnage - Official 3drealms... Continue Reading →

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