Firefox & Thunderbird’s Master Password System weak since 9 years

It seems like the integrated Master Password system from Firefox & Thunderbird are since over 9 years weak against known brute-force attacks and still remain unfixed. The findings are based on the work of Justin Dolske & Wladimir Palant. Weak System according to Wladimir Palant Wladimir Palant which is known to be the author of the... Continue Reading →


Mozilla Firefox 59.0.1 – Security Bugfix release

Mozilla just released a security bugfix release straight after the final release. The new version fixes several security related issue discovered  originally by the Pwn2Own conference. This release is only a bugfix release and doesn't offer anything new or changed compared to the 59.0.0 release. Mozilla is also going to fix a security problem which... Continue Reading →

How-To Geek is spreading an incorrect article about Firefox Browser Forks

I got an eMail from someone who asked me what I think about Browser Forks and if it's true that Browser Forks should't be preferred in case you're unhappy with the original Browser. Why You Shouldn’t Use Firefox Forks Like Waterfox, Pale Moon, or Basilisk is an article by How-To Geek which is really poorly written... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Firefox Quantum 59.0 is out

Mozilla today released the final version of Firefox Quantum, Version 59 brings several improvements related to the security aspect and also some improvements from existent utilities like the screenshot functionality. Changelog As always Mozilla is going to upload the changelog a bit later, it can be found here. The Android app is going to be... Continue Reading →

Mozilla wants to fight popups

Sometimes you only can hate Mozilla and sometimes we all could kiss them, I think the second category applies to this news - there going to fight the annoying popups which you might see on several pages, right now there is no way to disallow them except installing a popup blocker (ad-blocker) or disallow any... Continue Reading →

Firefox 59 gets Screenshots Tool Improvements

Oh boy, there we go again I can't say nothing good about Mozilla's latest 'improvements' in fact Firefox integrates more gimmicks than every other browser and calls it 'improvement' - when Microsoft does it most people immediately call it bloatware aka Cortana. But back to the topic, Mozilla decided that the integrated Screenshot function should... Continue Reading →

Firefox 60 new option to hide the Sync GUI

Again wrong news spread on the internet that Firefox 60 can 'Disable Firefox sync integration' this time I won't mention the pages because it's not worth. The new integrated about:config option does not disable sync integration, this is simply wrong. Sync by default is anyway disabled and optional - what it does it that it... Continue Reading →

Firefox 60 gets an option to block FTP

Firefox 60 will get a new about:config option to enable or disable the FTP protocol due security reasons, however it's useless because every modern router has already an option to disallow FTP and this is the better option because FTP is insecure and you should not download something via FTP anymore because your real IP... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Firefox Quantum 58.0.2

Mozilla released another bugfix version of their latest Quantum Browser. This version doesn't include some about:config related changes. At time of posting this announcement Mozilla hasn't updated their changelog, I'll update it silently as soon as there is an official log. Changes in this version Avoid a signature validation issue during update on macOS Blocklisted... Continue Reading →

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