Firefox dropped below 10% share value according to NetMarketshare

NetMarketshare released their latest Browser market share analysis. It looks bad for Firefox, really bad - but what are the reasons? Overview Firefox had a market share of 12.63% in June 2017 according to Netmarketshare and even managed to rise above the 13% mark in 2017 before its share fell to 9.92% in May 2018.... Continue Reading →

Firefox 63 gets a Anti-Mining Protection

Mozilla developers are working on an improved Tracking Protection system for the Firefox browser that will land in version 63, scheduled for release in mid October. Firefox 63 with improved Cryptojacking Protection Tracking Protection is a feature that blocks Firefox from loading scripts from abusive trackers. It was first launched with Firefox's Private Browsing mode... Continue Reading →

How to Disable Sponsored Ads in Firefox

Firefox’s recent update to version 60 and it started displaying sponsored ads whenever you open a new tab. Some users may not mind seeing these ads, but others want them gone yesterday. Don’t worry if you don’t get along with technology, as the steps to disable sponsored ads are quick and easy. Disabling Sponsored Ads... Continue Reading →

The Answer why Chome communicates behind your back without user consent

First of all, it's not only Chrome which has some background connections but I decided to mention Chrome in this article because some people constantly telling me that Google is trying to observe the Browser or even worse some people say 'it's spying' in order to steal your data. If the Browser is spying why... Continue Reading →

Firefox Container Guide

Mozilla advertise their container feature/addon wrongly as a cure against Facebook tracking, in my guide I will explain you in detail why this is wrong and what the Container feature really have to do with 'increasing your online privacy'. What are Containers and how can they protect you? First of all, Containers itself won't protect... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Firefox 59.0.2 is out

Mozilla just released another bugfix release which fixes several issues reported within the official bugtracker. Download You get the update via the internal update mechanism or you can download it manually via the secured ftp server over here. Changelog The full changelog is as always available over here. Invalid page rendering with hardware acceleration enabled... Continue Reading →

A bad week for Facebook – Four separate lawsuits in one week

Following the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal which involved the firm improperly acquiring information from more than 50 million Facebook users. A lot of Internet users and companies alike have expressed their distaste with the way Facebook has handled the situation. Four lawsuits in one week following Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal Two days ago Mozilla opted to pull their... Continue Reading →

Firefox ‘what we steal in 2018’ from other Browsers list

Mozilla updated their Wiki website with a new 'roadmap' what the Browser will get in 2018. The list looks like they want to ripp-off certain functions from other Browsers. Mozilla Firefox finally reveals that it has a identity problem with such a list. Firefox Product Roadmap The product roadmap can be found here, people which... Continue Reading →

Firefox 60 might get the ability to send all DNS queries to Cloudflare

What Martin Brinkmann didn't wrote in his post is that Firefox 60 new possible feature isn't there to secure the browser, it's there to submit the telemetry directly to Cloudflare which is a in my eyes a no-go. This would act like a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) in order to collect which pages you visited and would... Continue Reading →

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