Firefox 60 might get the ability to send all DNS queries to Cloudflare

What Martin Brinkmann didn't wrote in his post is that Firefox 60 new possible feature isn't there to secure the browser, it's there to submit the telemetry directly to Cloudflare which is a in my eyes a no-go. This would act like a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) in order to collect which pages you visited and would... Continue Reading →

Firefox 60 new option to hide the Sync GUI

Again wrong news spread on the internet that Firefox 60 can 'Disable Firefox sync integration' this time I won't mention the pages because it's not worth. The new integrated about:config option does not disable sync integration, this is simply wrong. Sync by default is anyway disabled and optional - what it does it that it... Continue Reading →

Firefox 60 gets an option to block FTP

Firefox 60 will get a new about:config option to enable or disable the FTP protocol due security reasons, however it's useless because every modern router has already an option to disallow FTP and this is the better option because FTP is insecure and you should not download something via FTP anymore because your real IP... Continue Reading →

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