Mozilla Firefox 59.0.2 is out

Mozilla just released another bugfix release which fixes several issues reported within the official bugtracker. Download You get the update via the internal update mechanism or you can download it manually via the secured ftp server over here. Changelog The full changelog is as always available over here. Invalid page rendering with hardware acceleration enabled... Continue Reading →


Mozilla Firefox Quantum 59.0 is out

Mozilla today released the final version of Firefox Quantum, Version 59 brings several improvements related to the security aspect and also some improvements from existent utilities like the screenshot functionality. Changelog As always Mozilla is going to upload the changelog a bit later, it can be found here. The Android app is going to be... Continue Reading →

Firefox 59 gets Screenshots Tool Improvements

Oh boy, there we go again I can't say nothing good about Mozilla's latest 'improvements' in fact Firefox integrates more gimmicks than every other browser and calls it 'improvement' - when Microsoft does it most people immediately call it bloatware aka Cortana. But back to the topic, Mozilla decided that the integrated Screenshot function should... Continue Reading →

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