Mozilla Lightning 5.4

Good news from Mozilla, the Lighting calendar which you can fully integrate into Mozilla Thunderbird or Seamonkey got an update and is now available and downloadable in version 5.4. The work on version 6.x are already ongoing. Changes in v5.4 A full changelog can be found here, and the extension is as always available here.... Continue Reading →

Bookmark Checker suddenly flagged as Malware

The popular Bookmark Checker got today flagged by Google as malware without any reason, it's unclear if it was really malware or not. Personally I used the extension for years and the source code was always clean. The Google Chrome Store points now to an 404 page. This seems not the first time that Chrome addons get... Continue Reading →

Here is why AV’s and Browser addons won’t make you more secure

Martin wrote an article about the latest ScriptSafe update and I was reading the comments while almost spilling my coffee all over my keyboard because I was shaking - 'cause I had a laugh flash. I will quote some comments without mentioning a name. XP with trick POSREADY2009 Firefox ESR - Noscript + U.B.O. +... Continue Reading →

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