Sony Playstation 4 fully cracked, Jailbreak Hits Firmware 4.55

The developer 'Qwertyoruiop',  released yesterday a fully working exploit for Sony's PS 4 Firmware 4.55 on GitHub. On top, there's news of an interesting 'payload' quietly circulating. Hack opens ways for pirated games and allows hombrew applications Confirmation of what it does from Wololo: “When run in combination with the recently released exploit for PS4 4.55, Holy Grail... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Switch Homebrew Launcher is here – Custom Firmware soon?!

It is done Neo! The Nintendo Switch is now hacked and there is no way back for Nintendo, the first Homebrew Launcher can be downloaded from this website. As of the time of writing the article, the download dir was still empty but the developer promised to release it within the next 24 hours. The... Continue Reading →

Modded NSA Exploits Work on All Microsoft Operating Systems Since Windows 2000

Another Day and another leak - Yes we are still seen waves coming from the NSA exploit leakage last year - Am I worried, hell no because the good thing is that the holes getting detected and we can fix it! So the good thing is that people getting a higher attention because the word... Continue Reading →

Flash Player fixes CVE-2018-4878 (APSA18-01)

The drama last week! Oh my - another Adobe Flash exploit, who gives a damn, really? And who really uses Flash these days?! Well I know Marvel still uses Flash (sorry couldn't resist!). So the latest update closes CVE-2018-4878. You can upgrade your version in Chrome and Vivaldi via chrome://components/. Alternative as always you can... Continue Reading →

CVE-2017-13865 + CVE-2017-13861 ? May lead the way for an iOS Jailbreak Exploit

CVE-2017-13865 is a kernel flaw that allows an application to read restricted memory, and CVE-2017-13861, a weakness in IOSurface that can be leveraged to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges. Both security holes were already patched by Apple in early December with the release of iOS 11.2. Google Project Zero researcher Ian Beer has released the... Continue Reading →

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