ProtonMail now officially supports IMAP/SMTP

ProtonMail, lemme think, ah that rings a bell, right! Good support - offers a fantastic VPN and of course most people known the service for it's email service. ProtonMail now ends a long beta test and rolls out some useful new features for everyone, IMAP & SMTP support are only one of these new changes.... Continue Reading →

Mozilla Thunderbird 52.7.0 with security fixes and two other minor changes

Mozilla released another Thunderbird update which fixes various security problems. Among this important change the eMail-Client also got two other minor fixes which fixes a search problem reported via the Bugtracker and a Yahoo related problem to display a better error message in order something went wrong. Download You can revive the update within the... Continue Reading →

eMail is broken – Here is what you can do about it

Email is broken and this is not a news but before we start to make a complaint, what alternatives do we have and how we deal with the problem? Is it possible to use eMail without exposing out identify or is eMail something what we should avoid using? This article will cover all of these... Continue Reading →

List of Secure Email Apps that take Privacy Serious

Sharing your information via eMail and keeping private information or downloading your emails on a company's servers bothers a lot of users and rightfully so. Out of curiosity, privacy statements and other information was checked for some of the most popular email clients to see how they treat security and privacy and if they download... Continue Reading →

Have you been pwned? Check if someone stole your online Identity

Check if your email has been compromised in a data breach - but how? With a small website this is now easier than ever, offers a quick check for free, basically it checks your eMail against a database and displays the result immediately. You can find their FAQ here. I think the service is really... Continue Reading →

Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client isn’t dead!

Fans of Mozilla’s Thunderbird desktop email client will be happy to know that the nonprofit hasn’t yet killed the app off. Instead, it’s giving it a new lease of life. The organization noted that Thunderbird’s stable release, version 52, recently got a bunch of fixes and improvements. It also added four new staff members dedicated... Continue Reading →

Unofficial ProtonMail app works without Browser!

Well, some of you might not want to read eMails via Browser (like me) and prefer Thunderbird or other eMail solutions to read and send eMails. ProtonMail Desktop is an unofficial app that emulates a native client for the ProtonMail eMail service. The app works fine and it's same secure as reading it in the Browser.... Continue Reading →

EMail Spoofing Flaw Affects 30+ eMail-Clients

Discovered by a security researcher called Sabri Haddouche, the set of vulnerabilities, called 'MailSploit' - which affects Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and several official Microsoft email clients together with Yahoo Mail, ProtonMail, and others got leaked. A list which tells you if your clients is affected by this hole is available for everyone here. How... Continue Reading →

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