nVidia released DisplayPort 1.3 & 1.4 UEFI Firmware update for Maxwell and Pascal cards

nVidia released another Driver yesterday 398.11 WHQL, yawn nothing special I can tell, the important news is that there is also an update regarding DisplayPort (DP) which is interesting because this might also bring some improvements. Like G-Sync HDR support for Maxwell & Pascal graphics cards together with a black screen fix.

nVidia DisplayPort Firmware Upgrade

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DisplayPort 1.5 offers min. 64,8 Gb/s for 8k60

Amazing news, even if I will never own a 8K display this is good news for every 8K fan, VESA is working on the next generation of DisplayPort. While v1.3 and 1.4 only got minor changes which overall mean more data bandwidth, the new standard gets more features.

DisplayPort 1.5
Old Roadmap from 2015. Picture: VESA