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1.5 Billion data leaked during the first three months in 2018

Everyone thinks he can configure his own business or private server or NAS/cloud more secure than Google & Co. as a result we got another massive data leak – 1.5 billion files were found by Digital Shadows researcher, these leak expose millions of people and companies.

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data breach

Backdoor and vulnerabilities found in WD MyCloud NAS devices

Another big leak, WD integrates a backdoor in their MyCloud NAS devices! Found by gulftech. The community seems really angry about it.

WD backdoor

data breach

123 million Americans exposed in misconfigured cloud database

Nope, we aren’t talking about the Equifax hack.

UpGuard has revealed that records for 123 million Americans was left exposed in the cloud and it contained data from Alteryx, an Experian partner. This data file contains highly detailed personal, financial, and other details of private lives. Once again information collected for and used by third-parties is left exposed.

This just keeps happening, it’s commonplace now. It really shouldn’t be. Picture:

Online Privacy Test Resource List (POTARC) – check your privacy setup!

Shameless self-advertising (sorry!) but I want you guys show a little project I designed which might help to improve your overall security setup. The list is basically designed to show and give people the possibility to check their systems or applications against known leaks, threats or other data leaks.

Project overview page

The list is open source and everyone can contribute. That’s the power of the crowd, so it’s up to you but at the end it might help other people to stay a little bit more secure if you contribute. Of course you got a good feeling because you did something useful! 🧙

How does it helps without showing any solutions?

The goal isn’t to make a ‘secure your OS/app’ list or a guide which shows to avoid xyz threats. Such guides are mostly outdated very soon or already the moment you write them – it’s more that you visit the mentioned links and fix it yourself. Let’s say you want to check if your VPN is leaking your DNS or not, then you click on e.g. dnsleaktestwhich shows you the  needed information if you’re affected by this leak. The page might shows you the workarounds to solve the issue or you need to do your own research.

But how does it help? Because research is important you might find and learn a lot of more than just visiting a page itself. You mostly forget things if you only re-do someone else tutorial and at the end you haven’t learned anything except to follow given instructions.

Stay secure!


  • Privacy Online Test And Resource Compendium (GitHub)
data breach

Virtual Keyboard App Leaks 31 Million Users’ Personal Data

Personal data belonging to over 31 million customers of a popular virtual keyboard app has leaked online after the app’s developer failed to secure the database’s server, which wasn’t protected with a password, allowing anyone to access the company’s database of user records totaling more than 577 gigabytes of sensitive data.


data breach

Data breach: PayPal says personal data may be compromised for 1.6 million users!

PayPal Holdings Inc. said Friday that personally identifiable information for roughly 1.6 million users has potentially been compromised at a company it acquired earlier this year.

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