Google bans all cryptocurrency-related ads

Google is banning all online ads promoting cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings starting June 2018. In their announcement it’s said that the financial policy will receive an update in order to ban ads for all cryptocurrency wallets and trading advice.

Google anti crypto mining ads

data breach

UK & Australian government hit with crypto mining malware

The cryptocurrency mining malware problem is extending into parts of the world that no one expected, with the UK government now directly affected with “thousands of websites” including sites belonging to NHS (National Health Services). And because that’s not already hard enough to take, the Australian government got also infected just two days after the UK hack. CoinHive was used as service to mine Monero in the background.


Opera 50 update stops sites from mining crypto on your CPU

Opera has just pushed out a new browser update, with v50 of its popular browser coming out in the next few hours that will stop sites from hijacking your CPU to mine cryptocurrency.

Opera 50 anti-cryptomining
Opera’s new NoCoin feature. Picture: Opera Blog
BitCoin Browser Security

Advertisements vs. Crypto Mining

ThePiratebay, Starbucks and others did it first they added Crypto miners to their pages which basically hijacks your CPU so that they get some profit out of it while you use their services or websites – but let’s talk about the changes it offers compared to traditional advertisements.

Higher CPU loads than usually mostly identify Browser mining but not always.