reports multiple CPU Attack Vectors and Vulnerabilities reports multiple flaws regarding to AMD CPU's. The question is if the page can be trusted as source? I believe so and take it serious but want to add right here and now that I have my doubts about the entire background of this story. Overview The domain was registered with GoDaddy on the... Continue Reading →

Imec & Cadence Tape Out Industry’s First 3nm Test Chip

Nanotechnology research centre imec has taped out what it says is the industry’s first 3nm test chip. The project, in association with Cadence, was completed using design rules focused at EUV and 193nm immersion lithography, along with Cadence’s Innovus and Genus software suites.. The tape out leads they way into a new chip area.  ... Continue Reading →

Intel confirms 10 nm Coffee-Lake CPU’s

The secret is out, 10 nm CPU's are coming, well not really a secret but it got officially confirmed now which means as for now 4 new Coffe Lake CPU's on the way.     The new CPU's using a 2+0 architecture which means the DIE is the same but the integrated graphics unit is... Continue Reading →

Intel Coffee Lake-S: Core i5-8600, i5-8500 & i3-8300 confirmed

A Material Declaration Data Sheet revealed the upcoming processors Intel CPUs Core i5-8600, i5-8500 & i3-8300, rumours were already there since the last two weeks.   AMD Intel Febr. 2018 Second Wave: Coffee Lake (14nm) April 2018 Pinnacle Ridge (Zen+ 12nm) Summer 2018 Threadripper 2 (Zen+ 12nm, HEDT) Q4/2018 Cascade Lake-X (14nm, HEDT) Begin of... Continue Reading →

It’s over 9000! One iPhone slowdown lawsuit is seeking a wild $999 billion

After Apple admitted to slowing down their iPhone CPUs earlier this month, as many as eight class action lawsuits claiming that the company has robbed plaintiffs of the functionality and value of their devices have been filed. However, according to a report by Patently Apple, one is seeking a payout a bit larger than the... Continue Reading →

Proof-of-Concept: Coffee Lake CPU on Z170-Chipset

The bad news first: The CPU isn't working correct on the old chipset. A chinese guy tried to boot the CPU on a MSI Z170A Xpower Titanium mainboard, but he has much problems getting it stabilized. He did not only modded the BIOS, he was also forced to re-write some parts of the micro-code itself. The... Continue Reading →

Road Map: Coffee Lake-S and Cascade Lake-X Processor

Intel's 300 series chipset will be getting a few new i5 CPU SKUs in early Q1'18 according to this slide that was presented on-stage at the GALAXY GEC 2017 Gaming Event. We are finally seeing stock coming into wider availability on the Coffee Lake variants including the 8600K and 8700K parts, save big money at... Continue Reading →

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