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Microsoft does not broke the ability to disable web search in Windows 10 version 1803

There some ‘news’ which I need to react too because people asked me this night via eMail if it’s true or not that Microsoft broke Cortana’s Web Search function in Windows 10 which makes it impossible to disable it. Sadly the quality of GHacks is sinking more and more.

Windows Cortana WebSearch Redstone 4
After you made your changes ensure you use gpupdate /force or a restart in order to fully apply the Group Policy Editor changes.

The official Group policy editor still triggers one registry value, exactly the same way as it was in Redstone 3.


Microsoft can ban you from their services if you use too much ‘offensive language’

Microsoft has updated its Microsoft Services Agreement yesterday with one of the new policies banning “offensive language” on it’s services. The new changes go into effect May 1st  and cover all Microsoft services including, Skype & Xbox Live. Or in other words, every service which requires you to login with an Microsoft Account in order to use MS own online services.



Amazon’s Alexa comes to Windows

Cortana gets some concurrence, according to The Verge and Windows Central. The start was announced today on CES 2018., I made a re-cap of the CES 2018 among other relevant info on my YouTube channel for those who are interested in all the tech nerd stuff 🤓.

Amazon Alexa

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Cortana doesn’t detect (Groove) Music anymore

Microsoft killed another Cortana, to be specific Microsoft ended their support for Groove last year. The fun thing is that the Goove-App is still be pre-installed and wasn’t removed by the latest patchday even if MS was well aware that Cortana can’t detect any music anymore.

Cortana Groove