Coffee Lake CPUs on Skylake or Kaby-Lake motherboards – Yes it works, but…

Intel officially says that you can't run Coffee-Lake CPUs on Kaby-Lake systems because the voltages are increased, which is not incorrect but you still can manage with - some risks - to get the new CPU running on the older 100/200 chipsets.     Guide available The user elisw from the win-raid forum was so kind... Continue Reading →

Intel Coffee Lake: New Pentium, Celeron and Core coming April

Intel has confirmed that the new processors coming this April. The prices are as expected and we will see several new chipsets like Q370-, H370-, H310- and C246 which were already shown at the Embedded World 2018 Conference this year. Overview Overview chart with all new processors (the bold ones are the upcoming ones for April).... Continue Reading →

Coffee Lake CPU’s – Core i5-8500 and Core i5-8600 listed

Intel gave us finally some more details on the new Coffe-Lake CPU's, at least we got the price now, the specs were already leaked several weeks ago. Coffee Lake CPUs range from $51 through to $220. Price list Core i5 8600 - $220 (k) Core i5 8500 - $200 Core i3 8300 - $135 Pentium... Continue Reading →

Intel confirms 10 nm Coffee-Lake CPU’s

The secret is out, 10 nm CPU's are coming, well not really a secret but it got officially confirmed now which means as for now 4 new Coffe Lake CPU's on the way.     The new CPU's using a 2+0 architecture which means the DIE is the same but the integrated graphics unit is... Continue Reading →

Proof-of-Concept: Coffee Lake CPU on Z170-Chipset

The bad news first: The CPU isn't working correct on the old chipset. A chinese guy tried to boot the CPU on a MSI Z170A Xpower Titanium mainboard, but he has much problems getting it stabilized. He did not only modded the BIOS, he was also forced to re-write some parts of the micro-code itself. The... Continue Reading →

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