Chromium removed the ability to compile the Browser without WebRTC

There bad news and there's good news for security fans, first things first - the Chromium source code disabled the ability to compile the Browser without WebRTC. For those who have no clue why WebRTC is a thing, well back in 2015 there was a huge security breach based on the Web Real-Time Communication project which... Continue Reading →

The Answer why Chome communicates behind your back without user consent

First of all, it's not only Chrome which has some background connections but I decided to mention Chrome in this article because some people constantly telling me that Google is trying to observe the Browser or even worse some people say 'it's spying' in order to steal your data. If the Browser is spying why... Continue Reading →

YouTube tests Picture-in-Picture function in Desktop Browsers

YouTube again! Sorry, but this function seems useful so I have to write about it. In fact the Picture-in-Picture function isn't new and already available for mobile users, but now it seems to work on the Desktop version too. Enabling the function Open your Chrome/Chromium or Opera browser and type in the URL Address bar chrome://flags.... Continue Reading →

Chrome Flags which you need to checkout

Firefox becomes more and more a PR GAG and Mozilla doesn't deliver what they promise - a secure Browser - so you might want to switch to Chrome, or a fork like Chromium instead in order to get a 'clean' Browser. However, you can tweak several about:flags options in order to harden your Chrome even... Continue Reading →

ChomeZero protects you against JavaScript-based side-channel attacks

A new Chrome extension was released on GitHub, by some academics which allows to protect your Chrome or Chrome based Browser against JavaScript code to avoid a data leakage from a computer's RAM or CPU. Overview The extension isn't available right now in the official Chrome Web Store you have to manually download and install it as... Continue Reading →

Google Chrome 65.0.3325.146

Google just updated their Chrome browser to version 65.0.3325.146 and there isn't any changelog yet available on the official announcement Blog. But this will be the first stable v65 build after several Beta builds. According to the source file there is also another build 65.0.3325.147 but I haven't found an official compiled download link for it so... Continue Reading →

Chrome’s integrated Ad-Blocker explained

You can hate Google or you can like them, but they are usually the first which introducing the new things which everyone else only copy. There were the first which introduced e.g. the sandbox mechanism and the first which released a phishing filter among several other web browser defaults. Now the next step is that... Continue Reading →

Google Chrome 64.0.3282.140

Another day, another day on earth with updates, cool isn't it? Google released just another final version, the second for this year if I'm not totally wrong. The focus in this release was security related fixes and it also added several new features into the Browser. New Features Take screenshots faster on Chromebooks with a... Continue Reading →

Chrome 64 is out

Google just announced the new Chrome final release for Android and all other platforms. An explicit log-file can be found here. Security updates were one of their focus, Meltdown & Spectre got fixes among several other WebGL and URL related fixes. Starting with Chrome 64, autoplay videos are disabled by default Changelog [$3000][780450] High CVE-2018-6031:... Continue Reading →

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