CCleaner 5.43.6520 adds Telemetry into it’s Cleaner Program

Yes, another program shipped with telemetry – that’s what we love, oh wait it’s exactly the opposite. While telemetry is something you can’t escape from and a ‘new’ hype (it all started with Google and the so-called ‘tracking’) everyone seems to do the same now, Mozilla, Avast, Microsoft & Co. The bitter pill is that you basically have only three option like 1) Switch to another program 2). Disable or block telemetry 3).  Just live with it. For most people blocking or using another program is the best solution so far.

Telemetry Pro
The latest CCleaner version (as of today) added 3 telemetry options (but all three options are only for Pro users visible).
Tips and Tricks

Reminder: Don’t use any Registry cleaner programs!

CCleaner is trusted by millions of people around the globe, some functions might be useful others don’t. This article is a friendly reminder to not use it’s integrated registry cleaning because it can damage your Windows permanently.

CCleaner Registry cleaning.png


CCleaner 5.40.6411 is here

The popular cleaner software CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) got another update, the changelog is not huge but every little bugfix helps to make the product better and better.


Tips and Tricks Windows 10

Let Windows 10 Free Up Disk Space Automatically

If you are using Windows 10 operating system, it’s possible to let Windows clean-up some disk space automatically. The OS comes with a built-in feature called “Storage Sense” which automatically runs when you are on low disk space and cleans temporary and unused files.