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Fire.onion for Android & Red Onion are Tor Browsers for anonymous browsing and darknet

Fire.onion is an Android supported (unofficial) Tor Browser which allows you to surf the web without any other external apps running in the background – it’s an all-in-one bundle. iOS user can use Red Onion. Both Browser are unique and come with everything you need, which means you don’t need any apps or programs running in the background in order to Browse the Tor/Onion network.

Fire.onion browser
Fire.onion browser. Picture Source: GitHub
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WebTrackers abuse your Login Manager to Exploit your Browser

Everyone knows that the built-in login managers like PasswordSafe, KeePass that some people use to speed up login on oft-visited sites is vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks that can result in username and password being stolen. Nothing new here at this point.



Microsoft Edge – Enable hidden “Diagnostics” option

The secret about:flags page is quite similar to the advanced configuration pages present in other popular web browsers such as about:config page in Mozilla Firefox or  chrome://flags page in Google Chrome or opera://flags page in Opera’s web browser. All these pages are generally hidden and allow users to turn on/off advanced settings and options which can change the web browser’s functionality and performance.

Edge Diagnostics Option.png
Shhhhh! It’s a secret!
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Bookmark Checker suddenly flagged as Malware

The popular Bookmark Checker got today flagged by Google as malware without any reason, it’s unclear if it was really malware or not. Personally I used the extension for years and the source code was always clean. The Google Chrome Store points now to an 404 page.

Bookmark Checker
Now flagged as malware!
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Here is why AV’s and Browser addons won’t make you more secure

Martin wrote an article about the latest ScriptSafe update and I was reading the comments while almost spilling my coffee all over my keyboard because I was shaking – ’cause I had a laugh flash.

AV is dead
… farewell …. sucker!

I will quote some comments without mentioning a name.

XP with trick POSREADY2009

Firefox ESR – Noscript + U.B.O. + Canvas Defender + No Resource URI Leak

I have ABP + Element Hiding Helper, Canvas Blocker, Decentraleyes, No Resource URI Leak, Self-Destructing Cookies, Privacy Badger, I Don’t Care About Cookies, No Coin (anti-coin miner) and Smart Referer plus most of the “about:config” privacy-related recommendations Martin recommended.

For Firefox: Canvas Defender + Cookie AutoDelete + Decentraleyes + Don’t touch my tabs (rel=noopener) + eCleaner (Forget Button) + Google search link fix + Neat URL + Privacy Badger + Referer Control + Smart HTTPS + uBlock Origin + about:config changes.