How much Money can you actually make with Mining?

I did a test two weeks ago if it’s worth to mine with a gaming PC or not and the sad truth is that mining (for normal users) aren’t worth no matter how powerful your gaming PC might be. In this article I’m going to tell you why my experiment revealed that mining on a normal rig is pointless.

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CPU, GPU and RAM prices to increase by over 20%

SUMCO is a Japanese based company and is responsible for more than 60% of the world’s silicon wafer supply. With a 20 percent price increase, CPU, GPU, DRAM and Flash makers may have taken their business elsewhere, but it looks like they won’t necessarily have that opportunity. This week, GlobalWafers Chairwoman, Doris Hsu, informed shareholders that the company would raise prices for silicon wafers by 20 percent this year. This is really a bad news because electronics getting more expensive for all of us.

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We already see the reactions, people realized it’s harder to get money with mining.

NVIDIA Wants Retailers to Sell GeForce GPUs to Gamers – Not Miners!

NVIDIA has published some of their thoughts on the GPU pricing situation – speaking with ComputerBase, spokesman Boris Bohles thinks that gamers, not miners, are more deserving of their products and that retailers should better meet their needs. There is no indication that NVIDIA will actually engage trading partners to ensure this happens, however.

Some online shops now only allowing to order 1-2 cards per person. Picture CB, Caseking

Starbucks WiFi mines Bitcoin while connected

Noah Dinkin found out that Starbucks mines Bitcoin while you’re connected to their free WiFi. In Dinkins tweet he addressed that this kind of free WiFi service is a “little off-brand” and also that the store in Buenos Aires was not the only store doing this and in-fact that there was three separate stores which Dinkins went to that all did the same thing.

Starbucks BitCoin Hive
Noah Dinkin shows that mines BitCoins. Picture Source: Noha Dinkin