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How To Calibrate your Laptop’s & Android’s Battery

Managing the battery usage is a very big aspect of an electronic device in order to conserve the performance of the battery and prolong the battery life. Using as less applications as possible while disabling unnecessary background tasks is on major factor to get a longer life, but what if the screens suddenly went black?

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How To find and stop apps from draining your Android Phone’s Battery

A longer battery life is key to ensure your mobile phone actually stays online and mobile. There’s nothing worse than downloading a few new apps only to find that your battery life has begun to take a serious drop. In this guide, I show you how you simply can identify the battery drainers.

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Android and the adblockers myth | They won’t help you to reduce any battery drain

Android is really an awesome OS (in my opinion) it’s somewhat the Windows under the mobile OS because you can customize it how you want (when your device is rooted). Some people still believe that an application such as AdGuard, NetGuardm NetDNS or AdBlock Plus help you to reduce the battery drain. This is simply wrong due several reasons.  We will check in this article what is really causing the drain and what you can do about it.



Prevent Google Play Store from self-updating

Here is a quick method how you can stop some battery drain on your device by disabling a Google service – which constantly wants update it’s own client in the background.

Disabling tthe $DailyHygieneService helps!