Ryzen 5 2400G APU Memory Speed Analysis

Our friends from PC Perspective have run a battery of benchmarks on the new Ryzen 5 2400G APU to see which effect memory speeds have on the performance. From what I know , Ryzen is more sensitive to memory speeds than eg. Intel but what about when you throw a GPU into the mix that... Continue Reading →

AMD Ryzen APU with Vega GPU leaked

According to VideoCardz we have finally some proof for the upcoming Ryzen APUs in Q1 2018. The new Ryzen 3 2200G will reportedly feature Vega 8 graphics, arriving as a 4-thread APU. There will also be the Ryzen 3 2300U, the slowest mobile APU with just 6 compute units in its Vega GPU. The strange part is... Continue Reading →

AMD’s mysterious ‘Fenghuang’ APU teased

AMD is launching multiple new CPUs and APUs next year but we're hearing about a new mysterious "Fenghuang" APU that has just appeared in the SiSoft Sandra database. AMD's upcoming Ryzen 2 processors will be using the company's Zen+ architecture and made on GlobalFroundries' 12LP node, but this new APU is something very interesting. The... Continue Reading →

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