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Some AV programs are incompatible to the Spectre & Meltdown patch – Here is how to fix it

The 3. January Patch provided by MS might causes some failures, reboots or even BSOD’s caused by your installed antivirus program, in this article we will find a way to fix this issue.

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What is the best Anti-Virus Program 2017?

I’m not a fan of Anti-Virus programs, but here and then people asking me anyway what is something I recommend. In my over 20 years of AV testing I decided that there only a handful programs which are getting the ‘CK Award’ which means there good. So here is my own conclusion…


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Here is why AV’s and Browser addons won’t make you more secure

Martin wrote an article about the latest ScriptSafe update and I was reading the comments while almost spilling my coffee all over my keyboard because I was shaking – ’cause I had a laugh flash.

AV is dead
… farewell …. sucker!

I will quote some comments without mentioning a name.

XP with trick POSREADY2009

Firefox ESR – Noscript + U.B.O. + Canvas Defender + No Resource URI Leak

I have ABP + Element Hiding Helper, Canvas Blocker, Decentraleyes, No Resource URI Leak, Self-Destructing Cookies, Privacy Badger, I Don’t Care About Cookies, No Coin (anti-coin miner) and Smart Referer plus most of the “about:config” privacy-related recommendations Martin recommended.

For Firefox: Canvas Defender + Cookie AutoDelete + Decentraleyes + Don’t touch my tabs (rel=noopener) + eCleaner (Forget Button) + Google search link fix + Neat URL + Privacy Badger + Referer Control + Smart HTTPS + uBlock Origin + about:config changes.