Display Driver Uninstaller Review

Sometimes it can be pain in the ass to uninstall a driver and you get a lot of troubles – DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) is designed to solve all of this, it’s designed (in case of troubles) to remove the nVidia driver + all the other programs it installs, like GeForce Experience, HD Audio and all other components.



Next-gen Ryzen: X470 motherboards teased

AMD is preparing their next-gen Ryzen processors for 2018, but we’re already hearing about the new 400-series chipset that will power next-gen motherboards thanks to a new post on PCI-SIG. The upcoming Zen+/Ryzen 2000 range is also known as Pinnacle Ridge, and will be an upgrade of Zen 1 made on 12nm (improved 12FF). AMD will give us higher clock speeds and improved power efficiency, which is always welcomed. Zen 2 will be saved for the Ryzen 3000 series of processors, which will offer even more improvements over Zen as it will be baked onto the super-delicious 7nm node.


AMD’s upcoming Summit Ridge 300 series chipset was listed on PCI-SIG in January 2016, but now we have the new codename Promontory chipset listed on PCI-SIG, which was added on December 19, 2017. This new chipset teased “AMD 400 Series Chipsets” which will include X470, B450, and A420 series motherboards.





AMD Drivers

AMD Adrenalin Edition bugfix driver update

AMD has begun rolling out a new Adrenalin Edition driver update, though unlike Nvidia’s recently released GPU driver, it’s not geared towards improving performance in PUBG. Instead, AMD focused its efforts on squashing nearly a dozen bugs.

AMD Adrenalin-Driver

AMD Hardware

AMD’s next-gen ‘Super Secret’ Navi GPU teased

AMD might be an entire generation behind with their Vega GPU architecture, but their next-gen Navi GPU architecture is due sometime in late 2018 and has turned up as the elusive “Super Secret” ID in AMD’s new driver.

AMD Navi roadmap
AMD’s GPU Architecture Roadmap for the upcoming years
AMD Hardware

AMD’s mysterious ‘Fenghuang’ APU teased

AMD is launching multiple new CPUs and APUs next year but we’re hearing about a new mysterious “Fenghuang” APU that has just appeared in the SiSoft Sandra database.

As we can see, the SP count listed is 1792, which would make it the largest APU to date. – Picture Source

AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 2 processors will be using the company’s Zen+ architecture and made on GlobalFroundries’ 12LP node, but this new APU is something very interesting. The new “Fenghuang” APU will be powered by something called “15FF” graphics, which is said to rock 28 Radeon compute units (1792 shader processors) and 2GB of unknown-type VRAM.


AMD Ryzen 2 Set for March 2018 Launch on 12nm and HBM3 Doubles Memory Bandwidth up to 4Gbps

Good news today, we got confirmation for two things, first I start with the AMD news. According to a new roadmap presented by AMD, the second-generation Ryzen will launch in late Q1 2018. The new series will be manufactured using a refined 12nm Zen+ fabrication node, which should further improve performance-to-Watt ratio and likely unlock higher clock speeds.

AMD Ryzen Roadmap

RIP Intel! AMD’s new Ryzen 7 2800X teased!

I’ll upgrade (yes I do see it as upgrade) to AMD next year on all my machines, and I’m not sad about my decision to switch to the red team. AMD is preparing for a big CPU launch in early 2018 with an event being held before CES 2018 in the first week of January where we’ll see the company detail Ryzen Mobile (which has already launched).

KitGuru tells us a little bit about the upcoming processors and an AMD slide was teased in the background with ‘Ryzen 2’ which said “raising the bar for desktop performance” and teasing three new Ryzen 7 processors.

  • Ryzen 7 2700: 10C/20T @ 4.0/4.5GHz (replaces Ryzen 7 1700)
  • Ryzen 7 2800: 12C/24T @ 4.4/4.9GHz (replaces Ryzen 7 1700X)
  • Ryzen 7 2800X: 12C/24T @ 4.6/5.1GHz (replaces Ryzen 7 1800X)
Fake or not?! But it looks goooooood! (Yes the image is choppy!)

Better yet, the pricing on these new Ryzen 2 processors is damn good with the Ryzen 7 2700 starting at $329, the Ryzen 7 2800 priced at $399 while the flagship Ryzen 7 2800X will be priced at $449.

Some info makes no sense

There some questions about the ‘leak‘ like:

  • Why the switch from 14nm to 12nm? Makes very less sense, since it wouldn’t fit the 4.1 Ghz > 5Ghz. It’s still the same architecture.
  • More cores, I doubt it. I think AMD is gonna go with Zen 2 with more cores, there is currently no reasons to yet again increase the numbers of cores.
AMD Intel Security

AMD’s Platform Security Processor (PSP) can be disabled via BIOS (AGESA-Code Update)

Well, we had recently the Inel IME disaster, but how about AMD? AMD has a similar technique and chip which acts like a seperate OS with special permissions and options. It’s called Platform Security Processor (PSP). But before someone is gonna say ‘they spy too!’ no there not! You can disable it and it’s in general better documented.

Source: AMD

Rumor: AMD’s GPUs might get GDDR6 and HBM2

According to this reddit post which teases the LinkedIn page of an so called AMD technical engineer – it is saying they’re working on a GDDR6 memory controller already.

Picture source: Tom’s Hardware

GDDR6 will see memory bandwidth cranked up to 16Gbps (as mentioned in the picture), up from the 11Gbps used on the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with its GDDR5X memory tech. 16Gbps will blow away even HBM2, which is fairly useless for gamers. NVIDIA’s next-gen Ampere GPU architecture should feature GDDR6, too.

Since the AMD news are a rumor, I can’t say it for sure but it would make sense to keep up with nVidia. Gamers usually not need HBM2 because there are less benefits in performance.

Currently nVidia kicks AMD’s ass with the GDDR5 & GDDR5X interface easily without the need to use the more expensive HBM2 modules.