AMD’s virtual machine encryption bypassed – NOPE!

AMD's Epyc server chips utilize Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) to automatically encrypt virtual machines on the fly while stored in memory, but researchers now say that they can get around it with a technique dubbed SEVer: "miscreants at the host level can alter a guest's physical memory mappings, using standard page tables, so that the SEV mechanism... Continue Reading →

AMD Radeon RX 500X Series

Seems it's official, the new AMD Radeon RX 500 are listed on AMD's website if you inspect the source code you see it lists the new series. The announcement page is still empty and acts like a placeholder. 500 models The following models are 'listed' which confirms TweakTown's statement. Back in September 2017, AMD announced that... Continue Reading →

Vega 12 isn’t Intel’s Kaby-Lake-G GPU solution

A lot of speculation about AMD's Vega 12 solution made the round over the last two weeks, some said Vega 12 isn't Intel's new GPU solution others have said it definitely gets integrated into Intel's Kaby-Lake CPU in order to deliver the graphics. The secret seems now lifted and the rumors ended up wrong. Overview... Continue Reading →

AMD Vs. CTS-Labs – Topic Closed

AMD responded in a community post what's really behind the claims from CTS-Labs - AMD makes it very clear that the issues identified by CTS-Labs research have very less to do with Meltdown & Spectre security holes, but there also telling us that these are associated with the firmware that manages the AMD Secure Processor (PSP)... Continue Reading →

ASUS AMD X470 Motherboard Layout leaked by emissary42 on HardwareLuxx

The user emissary42 leaked yesterday night some new layout pictures on the german Hardware Luxx forum. The pictures showing the upcoming ASUS AMD X470 motherboard in details among all specifications. About the leak the user emissary42 has shared what looks like very credible information on the upcoming ASUS Strix X470-F Gaming, Prime X470-Pro, and TUF X470-Plus Gaming motherboards. These are... Continue Reading →

ASMedia-USB-3.x Controller with Keylogger and Malware Risks

The story is over, it seems that it was a failed try to manipulate the stock market but besides this shameless try CTS-Labs still has some valid information to offer, and it shows that ASMedia-USB-3.x controller have several security flaws which allows attackers to abuse those controllers to deliver their keyloggers or malware code. Keylogger... Continue Reading → reports multiple CPU Attack Vectors and Vulnerabilities reports multiple flaws regarding to AMD CPU's. The question is if the page can be trusted as source? I believe so and take it serious but want to add right here and now that I have my doubts about the entire background of this story. Overview The domain was registered with GoDaddy on the... Continue Reading →

AMD Desktop and Mobile roll-out schedule for 2018

AMD released their roll out schedule for 2018, which affects Desktop systems and mobile systems. There is nothing much to show here since the changes to the new Ryzen CPU's and are marginal, some boosts here and small improvements there. Since the pictures speaking for itself I add my own thoughts on this article -... Continue Reading →

AMD: Raven Ridge doesn’t work under Windows 7

AMD is dropping the support for older operating systems like Windows XP, Vista and now Windows 7. You still could't 'cheat' you way around this with other newer CPU's because it was a driver 'problem' but this is now over. Not the OS is to blame this time, the BIOS is Previously you could boot... Continue Reading →

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