AMD’s next-gen Ryzen Threadripper comes Q2 2018

AMD has not just confirmed a second-gen Ryzen CPU family launching in April, but they have confirmed that there is a new Ryzen Threadripper on the way. AMD's new Ryzen Threadripper CPUs will be released in the second half of 2018, giving the company a good few months to get their chips in a line... Continue Reading →

AMD’s next-gen ‘Super Secret’ Navi GPU teased

AMD might be an entire generation behind with their Vega GPU architecture, but their next-gen Navi GPU architecture is due sometime in late 2018 and has turned up as the elusive "Super Secret" ID in AMD's new driver. In the latest AMD's drivers, there is code that shows "new_chip.gfx10.mmSUPER_SECRET.enable[0:0]". The Vega architecture is GFX9. Navi is... Continue Reading →

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