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Mozilla Firefox installs a strange looking addon without asking for permission

The recent Firefox version silently installs an addon you might not like. It calls itself ‘Looking Glass’ – Mozilla says it’s part of their Shield Studies.

Is the Fox eating his own tail?

// Basic addon info


     "name": "Looking Glass",
     "version": "1.0.3",
     "isActive": false,
     "id": ""


Addon info reads: Looking Glass version 1.0.3 MY REALITY IS JUST FIFFERENT FROM YOURS Created By: PUG Experience Group(Gregg Lind, Bianca Danforth, Kamyar Ardekani, Matt Grimes Diana Livits, Jeffrey Kaufman and others)

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Here is why AV’s and Browser addons won’t make you more secure

Martin wrote an article about the latest ScriptSafe update and I was reading the comments while almost spilling my coffee all over my keyboard because I was shaking – ’cause I had a laugh flash.

AV is dead
… farewell …. sucker!

I will quote some comments without mentioning a name.

XP with trick POSREADY2009

Firefox ESR – Noscript + U.B.O. + Canvas Defender + No Resource URI Leak

I have ABP + Element Hiding Helper, Canvas Blocker, Decentraleyes, No Resource URI Leak, Self-Destructing Cookies, Privacy Badger, I Don’t Care About Cookies, No Coin (anti-coin miner) and Smart Referer plus most of the “about:config” privacy-related recommendations Martin recommended.

For Firefox: Canvas Defender + Cookie AutoDelete + Decentraleyes + Don’t touch my tabs (rel=noopener) + eCleaner (Forget Button) + Google search link fix + Neat URL + Privacy Badger + Referer Control + Smart HTTPS + uBlock Origin + about:config changes.