GDDR5 vs GDDR6 vs HBM2

According to the latest announcements Samsung started to produce GDDR6, so let's check the details and what is better. Samsung's GDDR6 memory is based on the company's 10-nanometer technology and offers double the density of the company's 20-nanometer GDDR5 offerings, meaning 16 gigabits instead of eight gigabits. The company promises an 18Gbps pin speed and transfer... Continue Reading →

Nsane Forums is Down – Webmaster is unable to stabilize the Website

One of the popular underground forums is down (yet again) - Nsane Forums is well known to post news from around the world, software updates and medicine. Some people will up-vote this news because they might not like what's going on on this forum but it isn't only about warez, the community is in general... Continue Reading →

Steam Alternative: RobotCache

RobotCache is an alternative platform to Valve's Steam which offers several function which Steam doesn't support, eg. you can pay with cryptocurrency. Can it survive against the existent platforms? About the platform Behind the platform is Brian Fargo (he started inXile Entertainment) among other well known names. The goal of the platform, is to give the... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Switch coldboot exploit – Software update useless?

Today is a good day and an important step forward when it comes to Nintendo Switch exploits, fail0verflow has released a little scroller which shows the exploit in action. According to their Twitter post, the exploit can't be patched via software. The exact announcement list the following 'features': Is a bootrom bug Can't be patched (in... Continue Reading →

Monero miner attacking WordPress pages

WordPress sites around the globe have been the targets of a massive brute-force campaign during which hackers attempted to guess admin account logins in order to install a Monero miner on compromised sites. The brute-force attack started on Monday morning, 03:00 AM UTC and is still going strong at the time of writing. Initially, the... Continue Reading →

PowerShell Core for Windows, Linux, macOS

Microsoft has made generally available PowerShell Core, its cross-platform version of the PowerShell command-line shell and scripting language. On Jan. 10, Microsoft delivered PowerShell Core 6.0. Like its .NET Core counterpart, PowerShell Core is a cross-platform implementation of PowerShell. "This is the biggest and most important change we've ever made to PowerShell!" tweeted Microsoft Technical Fellow... Continue Reading →

Arusoft changes license structure

Arusoft today announced another change to the licensing structure of its Ultra HD Blu-ray ripping software, DeUHD. Two days ago the company introduced a Lite, Standard and Pro subscription - from today on it offers Lite subscribers to upgrade to Standard and existing Standard subscribers to upgrade to a Pro license. Lite users pay €60... Continue Reading →

Congress Vote This Week to Expand Surveillance Under Section 702 of FISA

Congress is currently debating the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017 and part of this renewal contains changes to Section 702 that could possibly expand warrantless surveillance of American citizens. Take a look at the language of the draft and consider whether or not you agree with what they want to do. Remember that Big Brother is watching.  ... Continue Reading →

SourceForge’s new face

Remember the old SourceForge? Slow, shitty look and just so 1999? Times has changed and so did SourceForge, the bundled adware is gone and they changed a lot of (needed) things to bring the project back to a good course - the question is, is it too late? GitHub and BitBucket are mostly used these... Continue Reading →

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