FBI, CIA & NSA bosses warn to avoid using Huawei and ZTE smartphones

It seems that Huawei and ZTE are soon RIP in the US because six major US intelligence agencies warning Americans about using products and services made by Huawei and ZTE. The new recommendations were given during the Senate Intelligence Committee, with the heads of the FBI, CIA, NSA, and the director of national intelligence all... Continue Reading →


Twitch is now spying on you and your online behavior

Well, I recently made a complaint about YouTube's new guidelines but we shouldn't forget that there are more streaming services out there. Twitch getting more and more greedy, including more ads and external third-party connections which reminds me on several malware sites I know and now their latest change really hit me like a punch in my... Continue Reading →

Mega.nz kills 50 GB free space program for new Users

Mega.nz is a free and paid cloud provider which offers several license models, one is a free one which in the past offered their users 50 GB free space. Seems MEGA changed his mind and switched this to an "Achievements" license model which means you can only get more space if you pay for it... Continue Reading →

Assassin’s Creed: Origins cracked by CPY

After almost 4 months the latest Assassin's Creed: Origins game got cracked, which means latest Denuvo version is now pointless. At this point there is no statement from Ubisoft if there planing to remove the copyright protection. The cracker group CPY released a 54GB torrent two days ago. Most new games get cracked by hacker... Continue Reading →

PayPal Share Your Email With More Than 100 Corporate Entities For Marketing Purposes

Once in a long time ago PayPal wanted to make us believe that this payment method is a good and smart decision but yet again we see that there selling your data and it seems always the same again and again and again. Do you know what crayziness is? Trying to to the same thing... Continue Reading →

YouTube alternative DTube

DTube is a relativity young project it's a decentralized blockchain-based solution against YouTube censorship and copyright madness - so the promise. Overview DTube is basically a platform fully written in Javascript, it allows the user to post videos and watch videos and users can earn money in their videos by upvoting the videos. It's a... Continue Reading →

Piracy Can Help Music Sales of Many Artists according to latest research

  A new paper published in the Information Economics and Policy journal shows that piracy can help many artists to sell more music. Results from the peer-reviewed paper are consistent for both digital and physical sales and affect mid-tier artists. Top musicians are not so lucky, as they sell less.   In a paper titled... Continue Reading →

8K is useless till 2025 because there will be no content

8K TV's will be mass available the end of 2018 but you not need to hurry to upgrade - because there will be no content until 2025. During a Philips TV launch in Amsterdam, Pocket-lint was told that European 8K TV broadcasts are unlikely to be available until 2025 at the least. Industry renowned research... Continue Reading →

EU slapped Qualcomm for Apple Collusion

The EU has slapped Qualcomm with a $1.2B fine for colluding with Apple in order to cut out chip competitors. The EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager said that Qualcomm paid "billions of dollars" to Apple. Some of this in the form of lowered prices and some through "rebates." She claims to have documentation showing... Continue Reading →

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