Google Song Maker is nice

Google released a new experiment which allows you to quickly create a song with your smartphone, PC or midi-device - it's called 'Song Maker'. The best thing is you can create your own music without any external program or to login into a service, after you're finished creating your song you easily can share it... Continue Reading →


GitHub Hit by Biggest DDOS Attack Ever

Github was hit by the biggest DDoS attack ever recorded on Wednesday. According to Akamai Prolexic the attack peaked at 1.35 Tbps and this attack utilized memcached servers that return 50 times the data to the IP spoofed address of the victim. Overview A DDoS attack is one of the most common methods employed by hackers to... Continue Reading →

World’s Largest Aircraft is almost ready

Not really the news I post usually but I like the entire idea behind and the first thing when I saw was 'looks like a P-38 Lightning with some extra balls on it'. Really nice. The story is in some sentence explained, Paul Allen wants to get into the space and his launch vehicle is getting... Continue Reading →

European Commission – Terrorist Content Within an Hour after been reported needs to be removed

The European Commission just published new social network guidelines that asks social networks to remove terrorist content within one hour of being reported. In the recent published guidelines, the Commission requests that terrorist content be reviewed and removed within one hour of it being reported because it "is the most harmful in the first hours of its... Continue Reading →

Twitter rolls out the Tweet Bookmark feature

Twitter allows us since today to use a new feature 'Bookmarks', this feature is useful if you want to save important tweets for later. The new feature is rolling out today across Twitter for Android and iOS, Twitter Lite, and the mobile Twitter website. How to I bookmark something? To bookmark a specific Tweet, tab on the... Continue Reading →

PS5 release date rumours – The road so far

Is Sony already working on a PS5? Almost certainly, and there are plenty of rumours circulating about the mystery console. Possible Specs Sony is a major purveyor of 4K Blu-ray discs, which means 4K is already a 'must'. 8K is already knocking on the door and it maybe even supports at least video-playback in 8K with... Continue Reading →

Qualcomm 5G Test can handle 8K 120 FPS video stream

5G will change a lot, the mobile speed gets so fast that we are able to stream 8K videos in 120 FPS without any problems, the only requirements are a compatible smartphone (with a powerful enough chip in it) and of course a provider with 5G. First Test showed at Mobile World Congress 2018 Qualcomm decided... Continue Reading →

Twitter Updates Developer – Bots are not allowed anymore

Really good news for us which are not big fans of spam, Twitter has released new developer rules which disallowing Bots which means developer don't get access to their API to build such nasty programs - This prevents also that the bad guys creating multiple accounts and setting up their bots to spam access the social platform under... Continue Reading →

Belgian Court: Facebook Ordered to Stop Collecting User Data

BIG DAY! A good one I might add, Facebook was forced to stop their data collection on users and they also forced to delete the already collected data, otherwise, the company will be fined 250,000 ($312,000) euros a day. Richard Allan, Facebook’s vice president of public policy for EMEA, said the company was disappointed with the... Continue Reading →

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