Station-Drivers switches to Joomla and gets a facelift

Station-Drivers, one of my all-time favorite site when it comes to drivers - o be honest the page always looked like garbage (no offensive!) finally gets a facelift. My French neighbors updating their sites to a new Joomla version. This brings several improvements. Website change with problems My French is not really good but I... Continue Reading →

Is Microsoft going to buy GitHub?

Microsoft is said to be in serious talks about a possible acquisition of GitHub, currently the largest source-code repository in the world. A report by Business Insider suggests the Redmond giant has been in talks regarding a buyout for years now but that the discussions have heated up recently, possibly owing to the impending departure... Continue Reading →

Reddit gets a Night Mode

The company on Friday announced their own "Night Mode" feature, which works pretty much exactly like YouTube's solution. Once you turn on Night Mode, Reddit's default white color scheme will be inverted, and any black text will convert to white or light grey text. Overview If you're using Reddit's new redesign, accessing the feature is pretty... Continue Reading →

New California Law Finally Makes Ransomware official Illegal

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed last Monday two bills into law that criminalize the possession of ransomware. Up to three-year prison sentence, respectively is what you get if you possess any ransomware software. Legislators initially sought a ten years prison sentence but this was knocked down to three years in subsequent deliberations.   Closed loopholes The... Continue Reading →

Happy B-day: Mozilla Turns Twenty Years Old

March 31, 1998 was the day when everything officially started. I say happy B-day Mozilla, better late than never I guess.  Netscape Navigator Two announcements had been made by Netscape Communications Corporation back in January 22nd, 1998. The first was that its Netscape Communicator client software and its Netscape Navigator browser were being made available free... Continue Reading →

Edword Snowden reveals that Bitcoin and Blockchain are monitored since the beginning

It's not really a surprise anymore, since basically everything will be abused and monitored - if possible - but for those which aren't involved in the security topics - Edward Snowden is behind the new information writings by The Intercept revealing that the NSA has been tracking Bitcoin users since 2013. Snowden has classified documentation... Continue Reading →

Next Generation Cryptography to be prepared against Quantum Systems

Most security experts have the same opinion - we need better cryptographically algorithm very soon - in order to survive the Post-quantum cryptography systems. RSA, DSA and ECC are weak Quantum PC's are still 'far away' but the first prototypes are already out and there working. China and Korea invests billions of dollars to push this forward... Continue Reading →

YouTube allows you to stream directly from your Browser without external Software

YouTube announced today that their streaming service gets easier - this means you can now stream directly from your PC or phone, all you need is a Chrome Browser and of course an account and a webcam. Overview Streamers normally need software like Xsplit or OBS Studio in order to setup their encoders, this will from... Continue Reading →

Google wants to push quantum computing mainstream with ‘Bristlecone’ chip

Google unveiled it's new quantum computing chip called "Bristlecone" for researchers - "for research into system error rates and scalability of our qubit technology, as well as applications in quantum simulation, optimization, and machine learning".   How does it work? Quantum computers normally run at super-cold temperatures in the millikelvins and are protected from the environment... Continue Reading →

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