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Hardening MS Office with Windows Defender Exploit Guard

Windows Defender Exploit Guard runs all the security benefits necessary to keep intrusion threats at bay. A characteristic feature of this tool is ‘Exploit Protection’. It automatically applies to many exploit mitigation techniques. This capability can be tested inside the Windows Defender Security Center under App & browser control >  Exploit protection. By accessing the Exploit protection settings, you can control system-wide settings and program-specific overrides. Let us learn how to configure, and manage Windows system and application exploit mitigations using Windows Defender Exploit Guard (WDEG).

Windows Defender Exploit Guard
Windows Defender Exploit Guard
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Cut the crap Micropsoft – Here are the ways to customize your Windows 10

So you might want to install your entire OS new fresh from the beginning and you ask yourself or your favourite search engine ‘How the hell I’m able to do this’?! Right, then this article is just for you. There are several popular tools and we will take a short look at them – NTLite, MSGM Toolkit, WinReducer & Win Toolkit are the well-known ones.


First of all

It is highly recommended that you create a backup of the system partition before you run any of such programs. Note that you need a Windows 10 ISO image, or a Windows 10 DVD, as this is used as the base image for the custom version. Some programs allow you to manipulate your current OS, so a backup is a key here!

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Microsoft is working again! KB4057291 fixes AMD Windows 10 related issue

I have to admit Microsoft isn’t sleeping anymore and they really trying to listen to the community, as a result we just now got another update which solves AMD legacy card display problems on Windows.


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Microsoft Store reliability improvements for Windows 10 Version 1709: December 15, 2017

This update makes reliability improvements to Microsoft Store and fixes an issue that could cause app update failures and cause Microsoft Store to generate unnecessary network requests. The update was released several days (but not for everyone) after the December 12, 2017 Patch Tuesday, the last official patch day of the year 2017.

Dec 15 KB4058043

Lemme fix Windows 10

Lemme Fix: Keyboard Inputs aren’t working in Microsoft Edge, Start Menu, Cortana or Lock Screen

Another small article in my ‘Lemme fix’ episode which fixes the problem that some input methods aren’t working, especially on Microsoft Edge, the Start Menu, Cortana or the Lock Screen.

Lemme Fix

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Putty is dead! Long live OpenSSH!

Well, not really but there some good news when it comes to Windows 10 – We’re finally getting an SSH client. There is a new beta feature in Windows 10 that may just see the retirement of Putty from many users – an OpenSSH client and OpenSSH server application for Windows.

Official OpenSSH Logo
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Process Doppelgänging: Bypasses all Anti-Virus and works on all Windows Versions

A new day – another malware. Well, this one is maybe a bit different, it bypasses all Windows mechanism and even all well-known Anti-Virus programs such as Windows Defender, Kaspersky Labs, ESET NOD32, Symantec, Trend Micro, Avast, McAfee, AVG, Panda + even advance forensic tools.

Process Doppelgänging Bypass
All well-known Engines are bypassed

The new fileless code injection technique takes advantage of a built-in Windows function and an undocumented implementation of Windows process loader.

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Windows 10: HEVC-Codec optional since Creators Update (1709)

Microsoft made the HEVC-Codec optional since Build 1709 which means if you want to use the codec you have to manual install it. This can be done through the Windows Store. This is a pain in the ass because since it isn’t pre-installed a lot of applications may have trouble, like Netflix or applications which are depending on the codec.

H.264 Vs. HEVC (Picture Source: Coconut)