CKs Blog Welcome

The new Blog Interface is almost finished

Just a quick heads up, I want to inform everyone that I was working hard to make the Blog better, which means there will be a new Theme and a better overview page once I activated it. I can’t say when this will be happen because my knowledge in web design is limited and it might take several weeks until it is finished but what I can definitely say that the page will load faster.


Giveaway Welcome

2 x 1 Year Private Internet Access VPN Giveaway

Block hackers and government spies, even when you’re connected to public Wi-Fi, thanks to Private Internet Access! High-level encryption ensures you’ll put an end to incessant digital advertising, while IP cloaking gives you access to the Internet uncensored from anywhere. With Private Internet Access, the only gateways to the outside Internet are the ones you open.


  • Prevents data mining so you can browse anonymously
  • Blocks ads, trackers & malware with the new MACE feature
  • Connects instantly with one-click installers
  • Masks your location with IP cloaking
  • Allows the use of 5 devices simultaneously with unlimited bandwidth
  • Protects your identity with several layers of privacy
  • Bypasses censorship filters so you are free from geographic restrictions
  • Stops traffic with a kill switch if the VPN connection is unexpectedly terminated
CKs Blog Welcome

Welcome to my new Blog

Greetings earthlings! 🤭

Hello and welcome to my first Blog post – sounds like a boring intro?! Right, let’s skip it and let me introduce myself!

My Blog focus will always be:

  • Technology
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Security
  • Pentesting

I’m in general a person who is highly interested in every technology related topic 🤓 but I prefer to write about Windows and Android because I like both systems and I think the community deserves some quality related articles.