My last post…. here on WordPress

So this is it, I'm done here, closing the doors but when one door is closed it automatically opens another one, right?! I do believe so. Hopefully, I'm able to merge all old WordPress post into the new Blog currently there some incompatible things which I need to manually edit. Yep over 1000 files.. uargh!... Continue Reading →

Private Internet Access proves again that they don’t keep logs!

PIA is one of my favorite provider when it comes to VPN's, it's reliable and one of the oldest providers I'm aware of. TorrentFreak again writes an article about the current findings based on the story back from 2017. This is now the second time PIA was inspected and it shows yet again that you... Continue Reading →

Amazon starting to banning shoppers who return items too often

The Wall Street Journal has sparked another round of stories regarding Amazon customers who have been banned for making too many returns. It isn’t clear what the exact metric is, though some say that an account will be flagged if the return rate exceeds 10%. Some people already claiming its much much lower than 10%.... Continue Reading →

Firefox Focus: The privacy browser which collects and sells your data

I'm in general not a friend of any Mods or Forks which claiming there 'more secure' because that is mostly a marketing phrase and you should not believe anything without seeing a review or a detailed analysis. Firefox Focus collects your data and it's a shame that Mozilla doesn't respond to this.     Data going... Continue Reading →

Playstation 4 Emulator on the horizon

Orbital is AlexAltea (Alexandro Sanchez) latest GitHub project which virtualize the PS 4 1.76 kernel to get the Playstation 4 emulation running (LLE emulation). One of the project goal is to get commercial games emulated under Windows, macOS and Linux. Before you get hyped here is a Warning Even though the PS4 does have an x86 CPU... Continue Reading →

Intel’s new Coffee-Lake-U & Coffee-Lake-H 8th generation mobile processors line-up

Intel suddenly -after AMD pushed it - likes to integrate more cores in all of their processors, which isn't really a surprise, 6 cores are now been pushed to the mobile platform and are now the new mainstream. The desktop processors and the H-series mobile parts all use separate motherboard chipsets - Intel has also... Continue Reading →

PlayStation 5 Specs & Details Leaked – NOPE!

The news about the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 console and possible specs are only rumors, several pages already starting to say that this is the final product and the final specs without mention any source except naming a developer kit. First "Details" Shared in $1,000 Article The rumor comes via a site called SemiAccurate (via ResetEra), which has... Continue Reading →

U.S. government: Stingrays official confirmed

The Department of Homeland Security has found evidence that foreign spies are using fake mobile base stations, commonly known as stingrays, to gather information in Washington, DC. What happened? In a March 26 letter, the U.S Department of Homeland Security publicly acknowledged, for the first time, that these devices, known as cell-site simulators, were being used... Continue Reading →

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