How To remove or block certificates in Windows

The following tutorial works on every Windows, from 7 up to 10 so don't worry if the screenshots looking slightly different but the process is exactly the same. But why should you remove some certificates? Simply to avoid spying or traffic redirects and other certificate frauds. Why should you remove or mess manually with certificates?... Continue Reading →

Chrome Flags which you need to checkout

Firefox becomes more and more a PR GAG and Mozilla doesn't deliver what they promise - a secure Browser - so you might want to switch to Chrome, or a fork like Chromium instead in order to get a 'clean' Browser. However, you can tweak several about:flags options in order to harden your Chrome even... Continue Reading →

Migrate your OS from HDD to SSD without reinstalling it

You might still use an old HDD and recently purchased a new and faster SSD - so you can reinstall your entire OS on the new drive or you can read this guide and migrate your OS without the need to reinstall anything. I'll explain in some easy step how you switch your Operating System... Continue Reading →

Opera Tweak Guide

The following guide provides several tricks ('tweaks') how you easily setup Opera for the maximum security in terms of internal given mechanism which you need to enable or switch to enhance the overall browser security. It's a guidance and not an universal guide because Browsers changing frequently and there might getting or removing several functions,... Continue Reading →

How I find every Registry Tweak

People often asking me how I find Registry 'tweaks' and there is absolutely no voodoo behind there basically two programs I use, this is RegScanner and RegistryChangesView both portable programs are from NirSoft. All of his programs are free and ads-free, he is well known for tons of awesome tools and it's worth to check his page and... Continue Reading →

NVIDIA Freestyle works on almost all Games

NVIDIA Freestyle is a new feature which was added in the first Beta Driver for this year, officially not every game is supported, there is a list which shows which game are supported. Freestyle is a better version (more or less) of VibranceGUI, ReShade or SweetFX which enhanced your contracts, gamma and more with filters - these... Continue Reading →

How to backup Windows or Office Activation

You need to backup and restore an activation because every time you format and reinstall Windows you need to activate Windows again. My tutorial explains how to backup and restore an activation license of Windows, Office & Server. For activation you look for a valid MAK-Retail key, calling Microsoft or waiting for a KMS server... Continue Reading →

Permanent Activate Windows 10 via Phone

This guide demonstrates how you activate Windows 8/10 via phone, the activation is permanent and can be backed up and restored so you only have to do this once as long you not change the Windows Versions or your hardware. Activate Windows via Phone 1. Right-click the start menu and choose "command prompt (admin)" 2. Type this script... Continue Reading →

Howto fix BSODs & File Corruption on Raven Ridge APU Systems

This guide addresses the issue with AMD Raven Ridge APUs (R3 2200G, R5 2400G) which also includes fixes for the "video_TDR_failure" blue screen of death (BSOD). Everything can be fixed - that is the good news, the bad news is that some things might need BIOS adjustments from the manufacturer to really solve the performance issue people... Continue Reading →

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