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Netflix secret codes allows you to unlock hidden sub-genres

If you’re logged into Netflix, you might see a suprise by enter into your browser’s URL address bar to bring up one of the thousands of genres in Netflix’s library, where “XXXX” represents a series of digits.

Netflix codes

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Workaround for KB4088875 & KB4088878

Microsoft yet again fucked up big time here. Two updates KB4088875 & KB4088878 causing a lot of drama and the Windows community is totally upset about this, what happened? Those two updates affecting Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 system which after installing the update having problems to obtain a valid IP address on virtual networks products such as VMware.

Windows 7 VMWare

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How To Change Windows Sleep Settings

Managing your Sleep settings can be important to reduce energy costs and is also helpful to increase you PC performance since every new modern hardware regulates their output based on the choosed power plan profile.

Windows Sleep
Windows 10 let’s you quickly manage when your device should go into sleep.
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Launch specific settings directly in Windows 10

Microsoft will kill the classic control panel over the time, so it gets fully replaced with the UWP Settings app and you might quickly want to search for a specific settings similar like the God Mode (just for the UWP apps),

You can use the integrated search but some people might disabled the index or integrated Search Function, then the URI come in handy.
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Remove Background from every Image Online

I suck at Adobe Photoshop – I really do, maybe because my interest in such things are not existent or maybe because I never seriously did an online course – but sometimes I like to remove the background of an Image and Windows/Linux integrated programs doesn’t have such function. So what to do then? Install just for it an extra program? Well, you could do it with a portable program but why? There are online solutions which are good enough for this.

Remove the Image Background in some easy steps. Picture Source:
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Mine Monero like a Pro

You can mine Monero (XMR) with your GPU or CPU but the benefit of mining with GPU is limited because CryptoNight is according to Wikipedia “AES-intensive and “memory heavy”. Choosing GPU or CPU is depending what hardware you use but in this little tutorial I show you a miner software which is open source and covers both, it has a version for everything. So let’s start.

Even popular pages mining, like TPB. Picture Source:
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Does changing Process Priority have any effect on game or application performance?!

This article is designed to answer the old question if setting the program or game to another priority class changes the FPS or application overall performance or not.


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Fix all Update (KB) related issue via DISM

There might be a problem with an update and you need to get rid of it, that’s the reasons I write this little guide here to show what you really can remove a specific update, even if it’s not listed in the ‘view installed update list’. Microsoft already gave us from the beginning to ability to uninstall the updates and this process can be easy when you use the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM.exe) tool – which comes included in every Windows 7 or a higher version.


The article here addresses the issue how to get rid of a specific KB (Update) and shows some more DISM commands to fix broken Windows online images. With a few tricks in the Windows Deployment Image Servicing and Management command utility, admins can solve some of the most common Windows 10 update problems plaguing their users.

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Hide Your Online Status in WhatsApp

WhatApp online status controlling mechanism is really confusing in my opinion because it’s hidden but it’s possible to hide you status without the nessary to install other apps.