The reason why you should use VeraCrypt instead of Microsoft’s BitLocker

BitLocker is Microsoft own solution in order to provide Full Disk Encryption on your Windows or on another partition. Bitlocker Bitlocker is a solution for beginners. It does it's job - sure, but it's just basic encryption, even if you adjust the cipher settings under User/Group Policies (gpedit.msc). Problems with Bitlocker As an example, formatting... Continue Reading →


ProtonMail now officially supports IMAP/SMTP

ProtonMail, lemme think, ah that rings a bell, right! Good support - offers a fantastic VPN and of course most people known the service for it's email service. ProtonMail now ends a long beta test and rolls out some useful new features for everyone, IMAP & SMTP support are only one of these new changes.... Continue Reading →

PIA starts it’s Beta Program

Well, my the news on this is a bit late because I wasn't aware of it but it seems that Private Internet Access now has an official beta program which allows you to opt-in into all PIA beta clients such as the Android app or the Windows app.     How do you opt-in? Joining... Continue Reading →

R.I.P. Tox Messenger

Tox Messenger was or still is another popular Messenger alternative to Telegram & Co. The project was more known for it's members rather than the messenger itself.     What exactly went wrong with Tox? I'll make it quick and try to summarize the facts. One of the leader members (now ex) stole 3000 dollars donated money... Continue Reading →

Tor Messenger which never went out of Beta is dead

The Tor project decided to kill it's own Tor Messenger. The official page says 'do not use the messenger because it's no longer supported'. The project was launched back in 2014/2015 in the hope of improving security for social networks’ messaging services Tor Messenger based on Instantbird At the first launch in 2015 Tor advanced... Continue Reading →

Cloudflare starts it’s own DNS

Cloudflare is well-known and they started their own DNS resolver which is available under to compete against Google or QuadDNS (and no, it's not an April joke). Lots of promises but like others - no real blocking Before you switch because the picture above shows that the resolver is faster than e.g. Google's DNS... Continue Reading →

VeraCrypt 1.22 final is out

Holy moly, so many updates recently from VeraCrypt. Well, I like to see it positive and I like to remind you that this update is important, not only because it brings several new algorithm, it also fixes the bootloader problems in Windows. Changelog You can see the versions history here. The changelog seems identically to... Continue Reading →

personalDNSfilter is a DNS filter proxy for Android to block advertisements

t-ryder posted on XDA his new created DNS filter application which is written in Java, theoretically it can work on other operating systems but the main target seems to be Android. It's original written by Zenz Solution. The DNS filter proxy quickly allows you to block advertisements on an easy way.  You can help this... Continue Reading →

Thunderbird 60 Beta 1 is out

Together with the bugfix release of Firefox Mozilla also rolled out another Thunderbird build version 60 brings several calendar improvements among other changed things like the ability to compress the folders even if you're online which can reduce the database size. Download If you're a beta tester you already should see the update via the... Continue Reading →

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