nVidia released DisplayPort 1.3 & 1.4 UEFI Firmware update for Maxwell and Pascal cards

nVidia released another Driver yesterday 398.11 WHQL, yawn nothing special I can tell, the important news is that there is also an update regarding DisplayPort (DP) which is interesting because this might also bring some improvements. Like G-Sync HDR support for Maxwell & Pascal graphics cards together with a black screen fix. Driver 398.11 You... Continue Reading →

Blockchain: ADAMANT Messenger – Claims to be the most secure and anonymous messenger

ADAMANT (yes the good stuff is always in upper letters) is another alternative messenger with the promise to be the most secure and anonymous messenger. It's the first blockchain based messenger and looks promising. The project was created to address the issues of data confidentiality and security provided by users and transmitted through messages within... Continue Reading →

DiscordCrypt: Unofficial End-to-End Encryption for Discord has arrived

Riot (Matrix) is my favorite chat program but it suffers from one major issue, it's slow and the user Interface is - I wouldn't say horrible - but has 'room for improvements'. So, overall most users using Discord instead wish is still not a bad client it has HTTPS but the server owner might see... Continue Reading →

Windows Firewall Control (WFC) is now acquired by Malwarebytes

The popular firewall GUI application for Windows systems Windows Firewall Control (short: WFC) is now officially acquired by Malwarebytes. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed and the old WFC source code will not be released. On Tuesday, the cybersecurity firm said the deal will help IT administrators protect enterprise endpoints through the integration of BiniSoft's Microsoft Windows... Continue Reading →

CCleaner 5.43.6520 adds Telemetry into it’s Cleaner Program

Yes, another program shipped with telemetry - that's what we love, oh wait it's exactly the opposite. While telemetry is something you can't escape from and a 'new' hype (it all started with Google and the so-called 'tracking') everyone seems to do the same now, Mozilla, Avast, Microsoft & Co. The bitter pill is that... Continue Reading →

Using Matrix (Riot Client) for 1 year now – The road so far

After using (Matrix) Riot-Client for a quite some time, (over a year from now) I decided to share my own opinion on the current progress and state. What is Matrix? If you haven’t used Matrix before, It’s a electron based instant messaging protocol which supports many features you would expect from an IM platform today... Continue Reading →

BleachBit 2.0 Review

BleachBit is a free and open source alternative to CCleaner. The program original was designed for Linux back in 2008 and is written in Python, it got later with v0.5.0 a second life with the announcement that it supports Windows XP. The program was improved over the years and new features were added, like support... Continue Reading →

YouTube Video Downloader Pro Review

YouTube Downloader Pro (short: YTD Pro) is a universal video download application which allows you to download and watch videos quickly. The original program started with YouTube support but in the meantime, the YTD Pro evolved and supported many other platforms like Facebook, PornHub, and others. Overview The program needs minimum Windows XP in order... Continue Reading →

Windows 10 Firewall Control Review

Windows 10 Firewall Control is a paid firewall solution by Sphinx Software. In this review, we will check if it's worth to buy it and how if it competes against WFC by Binisoft. So, enough introduction - let's check it! Download The latest download links for the final versions are always available under the same... Continue Reading →

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