How To Start your own Git Server in less than 30 Minutes

It's official GitHub sold us out, so what are the alternatives? You could switch to GitLab or BitBucket and wait till Microsoft or others buying them and get in an infinite loop, or you create your own Server! A small group of members started already an own Repo, sadly it was already too late because... Continue Reading →

Microsoft releases Windows 10 build 17134.81 which fixes some SSD problems

Microsoft released yesterday the second cumulative update for the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, following build 17134.48, which was released two weeks ago on the last official Patch Tuesday. The last feature update hasn't been without its share of problems, such as issues with SSDs from Intel and Toshiba. Now Microsoft tried to fix it with another 400+... Continue Reading →

The next feature update for Xbox One is available for everyone now

It was just over a month ago that Microsoft announced the next feature update for the Xbox ONe family of consoles, version 1805. It's been in testing with Insiders since then, but today, the update is available for everyone, according to Microsoft's Brad Rossetti. New refresh rates and more One major new feature is that you... Continue Reading →

April 2018 Updates for Office 2010, 2013 & 2016

The first patchday for April 2018 is here, several Office versions getting non-security-relevant updates in order to fix reported problems. These updates are as always more or less optional and you can wait to install them until they got reviewed or spring in the cold water and report what happened. Overview Microsoft released a bunch... Continue Reading →

KB4100480 third attempt at a fix for the Meltdown security vulnerability

The out-of-band emergency update, KB4100480, was released by Microsoft last week to supplement a patch released in early March to address severe vulnerabilities accidentally introduced by Redmond's engineers in their January and February security updates for Meltdown on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 systems. It seems that this patch is far away from being 'finished'. A patch for a... Continue Reading →

Microsoft can ban you from their services if you use too much ‘offensive language’

Microsoft has updated its Microsoft Services Agreement yesterday with one of the new policies banning "offensive language" on it's services. The new changes go into effect May 1st  and cover all Microsoft services including, Skype & Xbox Live. Or in other words, every service which requires you to login with an Microsoft Account in order to use MS own... Continue Reading →

Guess Who’s Back? – WHDownloader

WHDownload was once one of my favorite Windows & Office Download utility back in the day, until the developer Alphawaves decided to stop the project due time and other reasons. Now the downloader utility is finally back with a new fresh look which makes it very easy for everyone to download Windows and Office specific... Continue Reading →

Workaround for Word 2016 KB4011730 issue

Microsoft released yesterday a lot of Office updates. KB4011730 seems to have a problem which affects Word 2016 - Several people complaint that they could't open .docx files from the file explorer without getting a crash. This is now confirmed and MS provided a workaround for this problem. Workaround For those who actually already installed KB4011730... Continue Reading →

Office Updates March 2018 Edition

Together with the latest Patchday Microsoft also released another wave of updates for Microsoft Office 2010 - 2016. Those none related security updates are downloadable right now. Overview 26 none security related updates in total. Suprisingly Office 2007 (which is a end of life product) got security relevant updates for Word, Excel & Co. All... Continue Reading →

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