Far Cry 5: DENUVO V5.0 cracked after 19 Days

CPY did it once again they bypassed (yep, bypassed not cracked) Denuvo's latest copyright protection. It only took 19 days to bypass the latest anti-tamper technology.  This means you can play Far Cry 5 for free. This seems to be a new record, cause the old methods in order to bypass it got improved which made it... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Switch Online – Coming this September

Nintendo has announced that Nintendo Switch Online will be released this September (2018). You will have to use the Switch Online app for Android and iOS, which will integrate with games to show stats and more, and will also be required for partying with friends and voice communication. The service will cost $3.99 a month,... Continue Reading →

Denuvo 4.8 cracked – Assassin’s Creed Origins & Star Wars Battlefront 2 releases soon?

Sonic Forces is already cracked, for those who don't know it uses the latest Denuvo protection. These could allow hackers to break other games like Assassin's Creed Origins or Battlefront 2. It's unclear if they are going to release now a version without any copyright protection. There is currently no statement from EA or others... Continue Reading →

Super Mario 64 now available in first-person mode

Last year Super Mario 64 was available to play online with up to 24 players but now another mod for the classic game has surfaced and this time it's first-person mode. Thanks to a very talented modder going by the name of 'Kaze Emanuar' fans of the classic Mario game will have the option to... Continue Reading →

Upcomigng Games 2018

We're all looking forward to see some more games, better faster and with more stable framerates - right? Sure thing, so let's take a look of the upcoming games. PS4, Xbox One, PC Kingdom Come: Deliverance Dragon Ball FighterZ  Monster Hunter: World  Metal Gear Survive  A Way Out Far Cry 5 Agony  We Happy Few... Continue Reading →

CEMU: How to Play Online?!

So the new CEMU version is out but you might have several questions and I'm here to answer them all!  I guess I start with the most asked question on the internet. How the hell can I play Online while using CEMU? Requirements Wii U A regular SD card (or mini/micro with an adapter) of virtually... Continue Reading →

Zelda: BOTW emulated – Stable 60 FPS

The latest version of CEMU is capable of multi-threaded CPU emulation, with CEMU v1.11.3 available to Patreon backers, and will reach the public sometime next week. https://youtu.be/-lXLydxyZ_4 As you can see in the video above, system-seller Zelda: Breath of the Wild is running at a near-solid 60FPS, providing a much smoother gaming experience compared to... Continue Reading →

Does Blizzard installs a backdoor certificate within his Game Client?

Gamers, ... well I'm one of them and the times aren't easy for use, there is the entire DLC, lootbox and DRM garbage but we survived everything so far. Today I found another interesting story about the Blizzard Client and a root certificate. A Reddit user called chort0 found a Root CA on his computer which... Continue Reading →

Gratis games & applications – Dec. 2017

The year is almost over, christmas is upcoming and you're might be tired because you eat way too much - then you might want to play games or collect apps for free? Yes, then this article cover your needs. Free games, applications! Collect them all before the year ends - Hurry! Games Alien Carnage - Official 3drealms... Continue Reading →

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