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MetaMask helps you to access the Decentralized Web

MetaMask is is an extension which makes it rasier to work with the blockchain-based decentralized Internet. Websites and web apps (short: dapps) are function using Ethereum can’t be fully run using just your normal browser, In order to access them you need to have an Ethereum identity that the website can recognize and interact with. MetaMask adds here a gap and adds several things to your Browser to easier access dapps.

Neat: The fox follows your cursor. Official Website
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How To remove the “Please turn off Adblock or fuck off” Messages

The problem with ad-blocking these days is that websites aren’t sleeping and there constantly trying to find ways to bypass your ad-blocker extensions or integrated Browser blocking mechanism. This is a problem and it leads often in frustration because you see annoying messages which trying to tell you to turn off your blocker in order to see the page content.


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ChomeZero protects you against JavaScript-based side-channel attacks

A new Chrome extension was released on GitHub, by some academics which allows to protect your Chrome or Chrome based Browser against JavaScript code to avoid a data leakage from a computer’s RAM or CPU.

ChromeZero Settings.
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A look at the Chrome Extension ‘Extension Police’

Extension Police is a Chrome Extension developed by Juan Olaizola & Jean which aims to improve the Browser security by blocking malicious extension based on their permissions and behavior. In this review we’re going to check if it’s worth to be installed or not.

Extension Police

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Wrong news about Ghostery from Wired

Wired reports that Ghostery went open source and that they changed their business model. I need to correct this article because it’s simply wrong in so many ways and it shows that the author never used Ghostery or did some research.


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Mozilla did it again, fucked up the Addon (AMO) Store

Oh boy, I have nothing much good to say about Mozilla these days, the ‘spying’ … oh wait I mean telemetry, their ‘jokes’ with the Mr. Robot Addon which resulted in a loss of trust for some users and now the AMO Store get another new change which really pisses me off. Developers are now forced to re-release every Beta/Develop add-on as a separate addon.


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Grammarly Web Extension Hit By Data-Leak Flaw 22 mio. Users at risk

Grammarly, maybe the most used spellchecker with the most users, has patched a bug that left users’ data exposed to malicious third-party websites. The browser extensions allow the service to check text typed into web-based applications including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as online publishing systems such as WordPress. The company also offers mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Picture: Grammarly
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Don’t FingerPrint Me (DFPM) is an anti-fingerprinting extension for Chrome

Browser fingerprinting has gotten a lot of press over the last few years. The EFF and others have released tools demonstrating it is possible but it is frustrating how few tools there are to actually identify companies using these techniques. The most well-known test program is panopticlick, which quickly test your Browser against known fingerprinting techniques.


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New anti-tracking Extension & App from DuckDuckGo

Do you need just another anti-tracking app, that’s the question, while most addons and Browser script adding nothing much to the well known extensions we will take a closer look at the newly released DuckDuckGo solution – If you’re not aware of it, DuckDuckGo is known as a big private alternative search engine alternative to Google and Yahoo.

The official App integrates HTTPS-EVerywhere, adblocker filter lists and some other toys. Picture: