South Korean & Chinese Bitcoin Market will be shutdown?!

According to local chinese news sources, Chinese authorities had a notice being sent around telling them to "guide" an "orderly exit" for cryptocurrency mining operations, as they begin shutting down their mines. These sources said that the notice was issued by an inter-agency task force assigned to looking into risks in internet finance. Electricity prices... Continue Reading →


Bitcoin and Litecoin vulnerable: Electrum (Bitcoin), Electron Cash (Bitcoin Cash) und Electrum-LTC (Litecoin) users at risk

The dogs are working, sadly the underground dogs. Electrum (Bitcoin), Electron Cash (Bitcoin Cash) and Electrum-LTC (Litecoin) users are currently at risk - more and more hackers switching to Monero in the meantime.     Attackers can right now inject a website to steal your entire wallet, it's also possible to deanonymize its users. Affected systems Electrum... Continue Reading →

First Bitcoin Block Mined 9 Years ago Today

It seems like yesterday, but it's been 9 years ago today since that first Bitcoin block was mined. It paid out a whopping 50 BTC compared to today's 12.5 BTC payout per block. That 50 BTC is worth over $700K right now and would be a nice little nest egg if you mined it and held. Happy... Continue Reading →

Advertisements vs. Crypto Mining

ThePiratebay, Starbucks and others did it first they added Crypto miners to their pages which basically hijacks your CPU so that they get some profit out of it while you use their services or websites - but let's talk about the changes it offers compared to traditional advertisements. People are always tend to abuse services for... Continue Reading →

Secure cryptocurrencies – They exist!

I already warned everyone about BitCoin but which alternatives do we have? We have Monero!  Privacy wasn’t one of Satoshi Nakamoto’s main concerns when he created Bitcoin. It was only covered briefly in the original Bitcoin Whitepaper, where he wrote: … but privacy can still be maintained by breaking the flow of information in another place: by... Continue Reading →

Let’s check the Donation Systems and their Alternatives

Patreon recently got under criticism (yet again) which brings me to the question which donation/fundraising services are left for small projects?  U no BitCoin? Which cryptocurrency though? Bitcoin is unusable for small payments, and others are still very volatile - and I don't like Coins. The alternatives to Patreon Liberapay - What's interesting compared to Patreon... Continue Reading →

BitCoin – Don’t trust the hype!

BitCoin, I'm not really a fan. Well there several arguments why you shouldn't trust the BitCoin hype. But before we start we need to know how a thief steals all the coins. Known methods to steal BitCoins: A Thief Obtains the Password for Your Account at a Storage Service You Expose Your Private Key A... Continue Reading →

The UK and EU Plan to Make Bitcoin Investors Use Their Real Names

The UK and EU are going to start applying anti-money laundering laws to crytpcurrencies next year. This means that online platforms that trade Bitcoins are going to have to do due diligence on their customers and act as a watchdog for transactions that might be questionable. It's not really a suprise to me- since it's... Continue Reading →

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