View Deleted WhatsApp Messages

You might still use WhatsApp instead of Threema - hey nobody is perfect right? In that case you might want to reveal deleted messages, this is possible because the server has a timeout which means after you got the messages it counts down 7-15 minutes maximum till it gets automatically deleted on their servers. The... Continue Reading →

Xprivacy might comes back as XLUA

The Author of NetGuard and Xprivacy gave us new hope, he announced a comeback on XDA because permissions are still been abused. He made a point because there only a handful of applications which really take care of this, most of such apps requires root access and frameworks like Xposed. That was one of the reason... Continue Reading →

Magisk 15/5.5.1 – Here is what’s new!

topjohnwu  just released another version of Magisk Manager and another version of his SU version. The changelog can be found here. Compared to his last 14.6 stable version the focus was here on bug-fixing the known problems. The Manager application got a massive re-write on several things, like the entire packaging process. The app itself... Continue Reading →

Here the reasons why Swnoden’s App is Garbage!

Love him or hate him, Snowden likely knows a thing or two about securing your data. I will be interested to hear feedback about the Haven app. But first let me share what I got while testing it. Haven is for people who need a way to protect their personal spaces and possessions without compromising... Continue Reading →

Quick notice – The best Jabber Android client is 4free today!

One of the best if not the best Jabber/XMPP Client for Android is today exclusive 4free to grab! The client itself is open source and based on Xabber with a better GUI. A interview with the developer can be found on XDA. About the app (in short) Conversations start off with a good first impression... Continue Reading →

The Problem with F-Droid

Use F-Droid ... better than Google Play Store because everything is free and the farts smelling better than usually, that's (in a nutshell) how they advertising the F-Droid Store. I call bull! There huge problems with the idea and the app itself, here are the reasons why you should be very careful while using it.... Continue Reading →

Android and the adblockers myth | They won’t help you to reduce any battery drain

Android is really an awesome OS (in my opinion) it's somewhat the Windows under the mobile OS because you can customize it how you want (when your device is rooted). Some people still believe that an application such as AdGuard, NetGuardm NetDNS or AdBlock Plus help you to reduce the battery drain. This is simply... Continue Reading →

List of Secure Email Apps that take Privacy Serious

Sharing your information via eMail and keeping private information or downloading your emails on a company's servers bothers a lot of users and rightfully so. Out of curiosity, privacy statements and other information was checked for some of the most popular email clients to see how they treat security and privacy and if they download... Continue Reading →

Gratis games & applications – Dec. 2017

The year is almost over, christmas is upcoming and you're might be tired because you eat way too much - then you might want to play games or collect apps for free? Yes, then this article cover your needs. Free games, applications! Collect them all before the year ends - Hurry! Games Alien Carnage - Official 3drealms... Continue Reading →

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