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Android: Spotify without Ads

Yep! It’s here the first real open source Spotify alternative for Android, I’m not gonna lie, it’s good that we have such option because sometimes adblocking doesn’t prevent the bad guys to get your data or they simply bypass it via https. Remember that ads might be infected! – So now we have something to eat – some Dogfood!

Spotify Dogfood
The official Dogfood Logo

Android: Inject Malware Into Apps Without touching Signatures

The vulnerability CVE-2017-13156 was discovered and reported to Google by security researchers from mobile security firm GuardSquare this summer and has been patched by Google, among other vulnerabilities, as part of its December Android Security Bulletin.

The vulnerability resides in the way Android handles APK installation for some apps, leaving a possibility to add extra bytes of code to an APK file without affecting the application’s signature.

My Android App Collection 2017

I consider the year 2017 to be done. There will be no big announcement anymore, bots are gonna stealing Christmas (like every year) and I’m in general not a big fan of x-mas. So at this point I want to show which apps I used the most this year.

Best Apps 2017


Android Oreo (Go edition) 8.1 – Here is what’s coming!

Most people are still on Android 7 (Nougat) and Google is already preparing to roll out another update, Android Go Edition aka an updated Oreo. There are several improvements over Android 8 and this affects the overall OS performance by using different compression types belong other minor optimizations.

Android 8.1
Go eat it? Picture Source: ExtremeTech

The Go Edition 8.1 also now scans your entire app collection even while you’re offline or in case you downloaded the app from another Store – this, according to Google shall improve your device security and prevent malware. Critical voices (like mine) might want to warn you about such features because it could be abused by hackers to read-out your app data – but at this time it’s only a theoretically thing since I’m not aware that this was already somehow compromised (yet?) – we btw. are talking about Play Protect.


Display your Boot Count on any Android 7.0+

If you love statistics you might to know how often you booted your Android device. With adb, or root and a terminal application, it’s possible to view the boot count in several easy steps. Tis count is logged after you did the last factory reset – should be known but I mention it, just in case.

Android LogCat
…. LogCat isn’t necessary!

Android Marshmallow (or lower) users can’t use my tutorial because the mentioned process only works with Android 7 or higher.

Android Software

First LibreOffice 6.0 beta is out – Here is what’s new

LibeOffice is one of my favourite open source alternative to Microsoft Office and there are important news – with the new version 6.0 we getting some neat new features and important fixes together with a facelift.

New LibeOffice 6.0 version with a new Logo!

The writer implementation got several fixes, which made it easier to insert text and format your text, images and input fields.



Bypass Android’s Password-, Pattern, Face & PIN-Protection

  • This is for educational purposes only!
  • You shall not use this on other people phones without permission under any circumstances!
  • I’m not responsible for any eventual errors and misbehaving of your devices!
    files and tutorials are used and partially created according my expirience with a reasearch from the internet!
  • All regards are going to their authors!



  • The Device needs to have USB-Debugging enabled.
  • In case USB-Debugging isn’t enabled and you have a working recovery, you can run the same instructions from your TWRP recovery.
  • For some methods Root is not required – but root makes you life easier. 😎
  • Some coffee!