First Beta Xposed Framework for Android Oreo is here!

Listen Magisk and Xposed fans, the first beta for Android Oreo is here – go grab it! The full announcement can be found here.


Android Browser

Yet another Browser which want to invent the wheel – Brave

Brave Browser, maybe you heard of it maybe not In the Reddit community the Browser usually gets a bad comment and several people want to remove the Browser from the list. But let’s take a more serious look at the Browser.

Brave Logo
Official Brave Browser Logo
Android Hardware

Fix GPS on your Samsung phone

This is the first hardware ‘hack’ which I release today on my Blog which is focused on the Galaxy S5 Mini (one of my test devices) but in theory it should work for other devices too and that’s the reason why I not specifically mentioned the S5 mini in the title.

Catching Pokemon’s without GPS signal is not possible – so let’s fix it! Picture:

Some people are really pissed of GPS (including me, no shame to admit it here) and the problem is a) that the GPS antenna cover might block the signal (depending on your phone) b) together with the fact that the AGPS servers are (by default) not the optimal ones. Combine these two little things and you have a huge problem to get a GPS fix fast.


MITM Android HTTPS traffic via Magisk and Burp

MITM is needed whenever an attacker, pentester or a network specialist want to gain the needed information to veryify specific informations, these can be used for good or bad things. NVISO-BE wrote a little Magisk module which can intercept into the traffic to abuse the pre-installed user certificates so that the OS thinks it’s a system certificate, the madoule basically bypasses to add the network_security_config property to an application’s manifest. Google Play Store specifically scans for such kind of things in every manifest to avoid ‘security problems’.



MEmu – The best Android Emulator

When it comes to Android emulators a lot of people recommend BlueStacks, but I don’t like it cause it comes with ads or limitations. The emulator is created by Microvirt and its primary audience is geared towards the Android gaming community with the advantage of playing popular mobile games on PC.


Android Security

WireGuard claims to be better than OpenVPN

“Revolutionary VPN Project” is what WireGuard claims to be and it also says that’s overall faster than well-known solutions like OpenVPN. To be fair the application, the service and the entire development is still under construction but I want anyway take a critical look at it right now – do answer the question if it’s already worth testing it or not.

Official WireGuard Logo
Android Tips and Tricks

Android: HowTo install the same App twice

Sometimes you might want to test apps or modded apps and it’s difficult because Android won’t allow you to install the same app twice on your device, this restriction is due security reasons. What the Android OS basically does here is to simply check the package name and based on that (together with a signature check) it allows or won’t allow you to install the same app twice.

Especially for modder, cracker or for people which want to test new things it could be annoying to backup the current app, uninstall it, install the new one and re-do the entire process again when you decided to remove/change it.


Android Applications

Magisk 15/5.5.1 – Here is what’s new!

topjohnwu  just released another version of Magisk Manager and another version of his SU version. The changelog can be found here. Compared to his last 14.6 stable version the focus was here on bug-fixing the known problems. The Manager application got a massive re-write on several things, like the entire packaging process. The app itself was improved to load faster and to use less memory know which makes it easier to use it on older smartphones which might already running out of system resources.

Official Magisk Logo. Picture: XDA

Xposed Framework for Android Oreo is almost done!

Nope, it’s not dead – Xposed Framework by the popular developer rovo89 just got a new hype – in his last post rovo89 explained that the new Android 8 version will be supported soon – he specifically said it’s done to 95%. At the same time he also wrote that the last 5% could be difficult to complete because it costs time.