Android Patchday: 57 holes closed

6 critical holes got a fix, the Media Framework got yet again fixes (like every patchday since 2015) among nVidia and Qualcomm patches. Pixel owner can download a ‘fixed’ OTA image, which solves a huge issue with the latest patchday.


Samsung: The following phones getting Android Oreo updates

XDA got their hands on a complete Samsung list that shows which smartphone will get the latest Oreo update. There is however no guarantee that this reflects the reality which means Google could change the list at any time.

Oreo Mascot. Picture: Google
Android Applications

The best ways to Download Google Play Store APK’s/App’s

So you’re here because you searched for a solution to download Google Play Store apps without an Google account or with another fake account? No problem! Google normally doesn’t allow external apps to download or intercept into their Store download mechanism but it’s still possible to get apps from it without the need to use your own account. It’s not illegal because Google not like it but it’s a grey zone and it might get closed officially at any time or Google simply block your fake/real account if they see you use it against their Terms of Services (TOS).



Most Android Dialers stealing your Data

Another day and another big announement, this day it’s hitting Android, well more the Dialer apps which you might use daily, the problem is sometimes you can’t even opt-out and you’re more or less forces to use the integrated Dialers, uninstalling them might not be possible without rooting your phone – and that’s the big thing here you can’t do much except to install another more privat friendly dialers and hope it doesn’t collect any data.

Cerberus & Co, are designed to help us by eg. tracking the device or remotely lock it – but mostly there spying on us.
Android Browser extensions

New anti-tracking Extension & App from DuckDuckGo

Do you need just another anti-tracking app, that’s the question, while most addons and Browser script adding nothing much to the well known extensions we will take a closer look at the newly released DuckDuckGo solution – If you’re not aware of it, DuckDuckGo is known as a big private alternative search engine alternative to Google and Yahoo.

The official App integrates HTTPS-EVerywhere, adblocker filter lists and some other toys. Picture:

NanoMod gets renamed to NanoDroid

Your are maybe a tinfoil hat like me or you simply want as less as possible connections to Google and Co. so that’s why you’re here, NanoDroid is an alternative to OpenGapps and an opt-ou of Google apps. A full documentation with every details can be found on the official Gitlab repository.


Android Tutorials

Howto build Android from Source Code

Today I got an email, someone asked me if I can provide an easy guide which explains how to compile Android OS from the source, well no problem, here we go. I hope I can help with this small guide, there no pictures in it because I think it might confuses more than it helps, let’s keep the focus on the steps instead of some pictures.
The Android teacher. Are you read? Picture: Seeklogo
Android Lemme fix

Lemme fix: Android DNS issue

AFWall+ (Android Firewall+) is a firewall application for Android OS and the only one which works with iptables – so far the best solution since it doesn’t create a VPN tunnel to filter/block ads because such a tunnel causes more battery drain. The benefits of using iptables are almost endless and AFWall+ is really powerful in the right hands.

Android DNS

The normal way how to change the DNS on a WiFi connection, this might not work on newer Android versions and behind a mobile connection.

Android Applications

ObscuraCam – Share photos and videos while protecting the privacy

The Guardian Project is well-known, they’re fighting for some security and they provide several options to do that. Today I like to write about the ObscuraCam, the app is really old but recently got after a long time a bigger update.

Picture: The Guardian Project