DNSCrypt Proxy 2 for Android via Magisk Module available

Good news for security fans - I was already reporting that DNSCrypt Proxy v2 gets a second life - now Android also gets supported with an Magisk Module coded by bluemeda. The Module downloadable via the official Magisk Module Manager and the source code is available on GitHub. Installing the Module The install instructions (as you also... Continue Reading →

An Overview of all upcoming Android P changes

The first preview build of Android is since a week out and today we're going to check what are the changes with the upcoming Android P final release in August this year. A lot of changes introduced in Android P There are a lot of changed stuff introduced in Android P and it might still... Continue Reading →

AdAway v3.3-180307 for Android

AdAway is more or less alive, some members maintaining the code, perfectslayer - a member from XDA compiled the latest version for us version 3.3-180307 fixes a lot of problems and also adds chainfire's systemless root support together with Magisk 15.x support. What's new in Version 3.3 The full changelog and official announcement is available here.... Continue Reading →

Android P(ie) gets released 14th May

BGR speculates that Google will likely release Android P(ie) Developer Preview 1 this month. Android N and Android O were also released in March (Developer Preview). Android P is rumored to have "pie" in the name, the speculation is that Android P will release on "Pi Day" or 3/14/18. Evan Blass is also stating that Google... Continue Reading →

Android P gets stricter call blocking

XDA-Developers reporting that Android P might get a new feature to the stock dialer app  commits showing a part of a new set of a new patch-set that were added to AOSP from a Sony Engineer. This little new feature would allow you to block all incoming calls from any number that isn't in your list... Continue Reading →

Cellebrite unlocks any Android or iOS Device

Cellebrite claims in their own PDF that they have now the technology needed to unlock any iPhone which includes the new iPhone 8 as well as Andriod phones, there is no list given but every phone could be affected (theoretically). FBI/CIA interested FBI has recently noted that many investigations were hindered due to the fact that... Continue Reading →

LineageOS 15.1 is rolling out

LineageOS 15.1 (Android Oreo) brings a lot of new changes and some devices might getting the update while others don't this more because of driver changes rather than a software problem. Styles You can now style some aspects of your device by selecting a custom accent color and by choosing between a light or dark interface.... Continue Reading →

Android P blocks background Camera and Microphone access

Googles tries to improve the security and data privacy in the upcoming Android P release, right now after the app gets the permissions to use the microphone or camera the app theoretically can 'spy' on you secretly in the background, this will be changed. The problem - visible and background activities Background activities are right... Continue Reading →

How to disable Android “Usage & Diagnostics Sharing”

By default, Android collects a bunch of data, like battery usage and how fast the internet in which you're connected to, these data can be useful but in most of the cases, it's not really needed to share it with other devices or Google. Google also details how it uses this information on the Usage &... Continue Reading →

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