Rumor about Windows 12 is coming, development starts in March 2022 is DEBUNKED as Joke – still continues to let Misinformation stand

The news are freshly given in this night from 19.02.22 to 20.02.2022 based on a Tweet from SwiftonSecurity.

There are no leaks, no info disclosed or some specific details mentioned, only that the work on Windows 12 will begin in early March 2022. But this was clearly a joke, see below for more info.

Posted as joke, everyone should knew that when you see – require two TPMs.

Update 21-22.02.2022

SwiftonSecurity deleted the tweet after it went viral.

Also to clearly stated that, Deskmodder has no internal sources, they took it from Windows United who updated their article afterwards and also once again from MDL.

As of today they still claim they have internal sources, and let their post stand because it brings the clicks which is what they wanted. Deskmodder has no Microsoft sources and they tend to copy from MDL Forums. Instead of admitting they got fooled, they let it stand.

There has been rumors about 12 already last year and in the year 2020.

Update 20.02.2022

SwiftonSecurity said it was a joke.

Update 21.02.2022

  • I contacted MS to get an official statement. I got none and I doubt they will comment on this.
  • Someone send me a link, debunking the story.

FYI: the inside source at Microsoft who claims to have „inside information on Windows 12“ doesn’t exist. you’re missing the point of a joke made by a security analyst who is also well known for their shitposts

Update 06.03.2022

It is March, there are no new rumors nor any statements regarding Windows 12. I decided to make the post public and debunk this as fake news coming from Deskmodder.


Deskmodder is known to fake and steal stuff to make money. They simply picked up new stuff from Twitter, made no research because they have no sources to check against and it points out that the tactic paid of, people quickly respelled the nonsense and Deskmodder had a clickbait article with lots of comments.


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