arkenfox fact-checkers debunked as based, liar and people who like to stalk and harass others


I’m now forced to take action. This is a long and heavy post, be warned.

We listened long enough to one side of the story from people who are often not even involved into all the mentioned accusations. They think they have an legitimate interest into taking me down, because they seriously see me as enemy. Every troll now clowns up and thinks the world did injustice to him, nothing new and this is not an exclusive problem I alone need to fight with.

If you could make God bleed, people would cease to believe in Him. There will be blood in the water, the sharks will come. All I have to do is sit back and watch as the world consumes you.

Quote from Iron Man 2 movie. Analogy that fits best.

I am writing down the entire story about people who harass, stalk and claiming I would steal something from others. This is not the case. I tolerated their false accusations long enough, the false claims without responding to them because I think feeding trolls only makes things worse. So this is the truth and nothing but the truth, from me who actually is involved and accused from people who absolutely have no credibility at all because they mostly did not existed before 2018 (there are rare exceptions which I will link below).

Keep in mind that deliberately spreading misinformation against others is illegal.

These people actively support:

  • Cyberbullying which violates GitHub ToS, this can be reported over here and should already resulted in a GitHub ban. Sadly they got away with it and a GitHub Staff only closed the issue ticket (you see that because no one is been displayed who closed the ticket, this is only possible by a GitHub Mod, see more below).
  • Doxing
  • Cyberstalking
  • Online harassment, and that even across multiple platforms to which-hunt me.
  • Smear campaign to discredit my credibility.
  • Abusing GitHub’s issue tickets not for tickets but to spread misinformation, deliberately
  • Spreading misinformation based on what they find on the Internet, kudos for the none existing research those people do.
  • Social framing.
  • Keep in mind that all of those people are behind alt-accounts and there is no contact information whatsoever on their profile pages. Credibility not so much I would say.
  • Public shaming and slandering others is something I will never respect. If you think that someone stole your code then do DMCA take-down request and that is it. I suspect they did and not succeed and this is why they outcry.

Cyberstalking is not new and illegal in most countries in the EU, same like doxing, and this is what this is all about. Most accusations are without any context, without that the accused ones were involved and without proper so-called “evidence”.

All their evidence is based on some random metadata they found, after they deliberately searched for it. Thankfully these people are not working for the police otherwise everyone who watched a crime scene would be already put in prison.

Typically behaviors of someone who likes to harass others

  • People hide behind online anonymity, doing damage with alt-accounts and then create new ones is also well-known. The damage is usually on the side that gets accused because they need to spend time to debunk nonsense and to deal with trolls.
  • No contact information provided because he/she is afraid to get “feedback” or even a legit response to claims.
  • Often losers in real-life without any social contact except through the Internet and online platforms such as GitHub to make them feel “accepted” and “important”.
  • Claims often lead to invalid links or irrelevant content and off-topic.
  • Answering via comments to your own comments, to make the posts more important. Instead of using the edit function, because editing something does not notify other people.
  • Spreading misinformation and call it facts, especially from e.g. UFO believers (I mean in this context “alien” reports). With so-called “evidence” which is often unclear if it’s faked, real or edited afterwards.
  • Involving others to gain attention, to make them feel “better”.
  • Accusing others to be X, which includes stupid, schizophrenic, or other things. Often a pathetic try to destroy someone’s credibility.
  • Interpreting something which is not there into truly given facts to protect their own “facts” who are nothing but user based opinions, from based persons.
  • Repeating the same phrases or the same words to make it look more important. This is also often used in clickbait titles, thumbnails etc. and it sadly often works well.
  • Doxers often write in a form that others think we spoke or “know” you to gain your trust.
  • They dox others until they commit suicide, which is often their “end goal”.

We will see such above mentioned behavior in the shown links/comments from the people that accusing me.

Profiles – from no coders, who claim to known stuff better than real experts like me

Check their profiles, made from bullies, clearly alt accounts without any real contact info given, this alone is also already against GitHub ToS if we take everything super serious.

The list does not act as “wall-of-shame”, since I do not call anyone out to harass them, its a list who participated into a thread which supports online doxing. It is sorted based on the comments.

  • Thorin-Oakenpants – Account created 2016 with no activity, she woke up in 2018, her picture is stolen from Marsupilami which is under copyright, no credit at all given in form of a small watermark within the picture. You can backtrack the link to telegram and other platforms. Telegram is well-known for the internet dirt, together with other platforms such as 4chan etc.
  • claustromaniac – Similar account age. Nothing was going on after they made clicks on my behalf. This is a FACT. I suspect Thorin and claustromaniac are lovers or something, they usually act like they are in love or something, or maybe it is just another alt-account, no one will ever know.
  • overdodactyl – Account from 2017, well some copy and paste themes for Firefox. No experience with Firefox at that time, or not experience which is measurable in e.g. pull requests.
  • earthlng – Account from around 2017, no important activity except some diff changes (copy & paste) from Bugzilla. He likes to copy from Bugzilla, this apparently seem to be his “center spot” for Firefox based information.
  • shellshocker – Alt account, forked “Lanchon”, maybe alt account from Lanchon himself. Shellshock is trademarked btw. This user does not represent or is involved into the Corp. behind. I also helped that user in the AFWall+ repository and this is what I get in return.
  • crssi – Account from 2016 with not much activity overall but clearly based. I never spoke with him on any private level.
  • Forsaked – Old account not much activity, stole my Telemetry hosts without giving credit, see here. Mainly copied from MDL I think. Hard to prove after 2015.
  • Atavic – Biased, no activity, more a Gists user. Watches my and other people’s work and trolls in form of comments when there is normally nothing to say/add (because everything is already said).
  • anupritaisno1 – Account from 2016, chills now in the MalwareTips Forum and begs for help. He got banned on my Discord after he got busted stealing my stuff posted on Discord, he also tried to infiltrate our Discord community multiple times. He does not know me nor did we have much interaction had in that time.
  • nostromov – Account from 2017, not much activity. Typical troll who pops-up without known me or been involved into all of this.
  • quantumpacket – Account from 2014, insults others. Please hire him!
  • yourduskquibbles – Account from 2016, involved into uBlock and some other projects.
  • bogachenko – One lousy repo. Account from 2014, with a clickbait repo “Fuckfuckadblock”, nothing but childish.
  • dimqua – Account from 2010 and the oldest in the “group”. He has 3 pinned repos, forked from other people, Nothing from importance.
  • n1kobg – Account from 2019, no activity, some doxing comments to troll, see below for more. He is known to provide some questionable Windows copy and paste tweaks from Windows 7 or earlier times. He misses explaining or showing proof for his claims, which makes him a laugh number. The fun fact is he added me as a friend in Discord.
  • PiggyFlooper – Account from 2014, no repository, troll and doxer. Fake account, with one lousy project, maybe copied.
  • patrickdrd – Account from 2017, is that you Pants? No activity and therefore no credits can be given to anything he says or/and claims.
  • beerisgood – Account from 2014, ex fan of mine. Likes to watch, creates some Gists but nothing useful. He stole the beer emoji without giving any credit and put it as avatar. No attribution given here. But claims other stealing.
  • Svallinn – Account from 2018, 5 projects/forks with not much activity, troll and dox account. I never spoke with him.
  • lazyletucce – Account from 2020, never talked with him. Troll account. With 2 copy & paste projects who existed in mass before as extensions.
  • cheeseman1997 – Account from 2016, some forks of mine are included, he has no mentionable activity on GitHub. Troll and dox account.
  • mimecry – Account without any Avatar from 2015, no history or useful commits. dox, troll and alt. One repo created in 2020. Name dotfiles which is copied maybe from M$ “dotfiles”, which is widely known. We never spoke any words.
  • T-Birth – Forks stuff from me and other people, his account is from 2016.

About Thorin-Oakenpants – The Drama Queen

She is known to be a fangirl of Martin Brinkmann, the author/creator of How can she not be, when Martin wrote about “her” project (which was in 2017). I had my project on GitHub already in 2014. At the end of the year 2017 she got some “hype” while creating a disrespectful issue ticket against my person without even trying to contact me first trough Discord, email or my given Information on GitHub. Instead, she tried to argue in public with me to promote “ghacks-users.js”. She ignored all points which I gave her and was already biased, the conversation was designed to destroy my reputation to others who can see the public comments on Ghacks (avg ~150k hits a day).

She did a comment on my user.js project, this was before she created “her” project, she cannot play well together and typically like a woman, she does now know when to stop (sarcasm). It is easy to trigger her. Apparently she thinks that doxing is something GitHub supports, but who cares, it is an alt account with a stolen Avatar. A new one (account) can be created easily, right?

For someone who claim to be in privacy and security and fingerprinting, she or he (if that is her/his account) often seems to work with social media e.g. Instagram and Facebook. Keep in mind this is a private account, unless my Corp accounts I never used such social media. If that is not her then we know who she took her name from, alias stolen, so however you want to get out of here, it does not look good for her/him. There is also a YouTube channel with 2 subs – Please support her, for her hard work she does daily steal stuff from Bugzilla (because this is their main source; no attribution given of course).

There is also Twitter since 2019, created after mine. Well well well, what a surprise! (2018 vs 2019). Oh and short after that Reddit was created, but that does not look like her.

Her stolen Avatar is taken from here, of course no credit or watermark given in the picture.

Her avatar.
Original can be found here. I was not even looking for more than 10 sec. The irony here is that those people claim I would steal stuff from others.

Claims and spreads a lot, does not know a lot!

Remember this is the same account who crated the issue ticket “FACTS” and “plagiarize”. Discussions from her can be obtained quickly here which often shows she does not know what people are asking, and only answer to “have something”. It also quickly reveals everything is been taken from Bugzilla, with a link they took it from without mention who wrote it. Bugzilla also has copyright, I am just saying and a link is not enough.

She also does not understand, like many others the terms of “fair use”, “copyright” and how it fits together. It does not count who posted it first on the Internet, it counts if you can prove if you are the original author, which I will do below. This is entirely missed because it supports me, and therefore simply ignored and not mentioned. Objectiveness is not given here. If you cry for facts you need to see both sides of the medal, and not your own limited point of view even if you need to admit others might be right and you are maybe wrong.

She also missed how to provide evidence, just posting a link and screenshot in times of AI and Photoshop is not enough. The dilemma here is that this also affects me, but it is well-known that I am bad with editing pictures or using “power” tools like Photoshop, but everyone can claim and say this, which is tricky to proof or disproof.

More stolen avatars from some users, the ones who claim shit against me.

claustromaniac stolen avatar.
And the original. He even uploaded it mirrored to avoid an indexer can reveal where he took it from.
earthlng stolen avatar.
The big mouth himself busted. Remember that those individuals are the hypocrites throwing with words around them like eg. stolen.

Image copyright is handled with 17 USC 106.

the owner of copyright under this title has the exclusive rights to do and to authorize any of the following…

(2) to prepare derivative works based upon the copyrighted work

Unless my Avatar this cannot be excused with “fair use“, because they even modified the images (mirrored) it to avoid detection from indexers. They also need to prove that they contacted the owner, in Pants case Marsupilami (or her modded version) she cannot excuse it with fair use because it is professional artwork. For more, read the FAQ.

Individual persons can be drawn and used as avatar, this counts as derivative works because someone can say it’s satire. That is why I change my avatar later + gave credit.

Problems with DMCA troll takedown requests in general

The problem with DMCA is that the ones who can freely accuse pothers stay hidden while the accused one need to reveal everything. I hope this law will be changed.

About and the involvement

Martin Brinkmann is not a developer and never responded in the above given GitHub repo. Same like Thorin-Oakenpants she is a “normal” 08/15 person. The so called ghacks user-js, the name Ghacks is been used for clickbait; Martin never did anything at all on the user.js. It only got some hype because of Martin Brinkmann reputation. Ghacks itself is a combination between the two words “Google” and “hacks” and got him in trouble (see Wikipedia), do I judge him that he used Google or Hacks, no. The clickbait you need to survive is well-known, Blog authors have it incredible hard to get some money, this is no news at all.

Ghacks user.js authors claimed Martin gave his approval for the name, there was never any approval because does now own any trademark on user-js, google, hacks or other terms. He reported about it, which makes him not the author nor owner. It was clickbait, we all know it, to get some hype and even with hype the “stars” on GitHub were made mostly because of behalf of my reputation and the drama with this disrespectful GitHub “issue ticket” which is nothing but to dox, harass me, send me some goons into my guilds who have no real-life except stalking me and maybe others because they are obsessed. An analogy would be me posting in Apple forums and cry about Apple or create an issue ticket about Apple, childish and toxic. They weaponized GitHub’s massive influence and search results rank against me and instrumented this orchestra of lies, to gain followers and possible to win others to harass me, my community (we survived raids, alts and other threats). GitHub took no action here until someone from my community reported it, as a result the ticket got closed by GitHub staff (see below), of course they forgot to mention this because it makes them look bad, or in other words their story has holes.

Closed by Staff

Closed by Staff for spreading misinformation and harassment. Yes I use mspaint.exe for this, two repos involving my person, I think that is okay.

Martin Brinkmann got informed by me and he took some comments down, however not all and no one actually got punished in form of a ban, he however did not handled it well and did not lock the discussion. That is maybe the better solutions if there are claims without anything, it puts more oil into the fire. CKTN auto locks comments after 365 days.

I did not threaten anyone on his comment section, I wrote that I will call a lawyer (because of these disrespectful comments and attack against my person) which is how you should normally deal with misinformation and claims. However, I was sitting it out because I never expected that this gets much attention at all. Why should someone believe an account created 1 year ago without any credibility, but I must admit I underestimated the power misinformation can have, see Trump and how he got elected, trough misinformation. This is also called collective panic and results in believing everything without checking it for themselves.

This commit version shows that Martin Brinkmann gave his so-called blessing, there is no link to this, Martin never committed to this on GitHub nor is there any email been disclosed. The project author Pants lies here to obtain more credibility to fool followers and to gain possible more attention to his project.

Closed by Staff

Fact is, there was no blessing – never – even if Martin Brinkmann wanted to block this, Ghacks itself has had no trademark in that time, it got trademarked under different name by a new owner/co-owners or whatever they are, later. You can verify my claim yourself here. MB (Martin Brinkmann) is not the criminal godfather over user-js, Google, the term hacks or other terms and slogans. They just added it to fool you, nothing more. Lies on top of lies. In 2020 they removed it, no comment on a user noticing that the reference link does not exist. Here is the trademark for the new owner, SOFTONIC INTERNATIONAL S.A. only one result so its easy to find.

This might be the real reason why they got forced to re-name the project (once again). Because the owner hopefully does not support bullies and do not anything to do with people harassing and fighting each other about basically nothing, which is the smartest you can do.

All of this are lies spread by Thorin-Oakenpants without that he got busted, well I busted him directly. The credits on his are also incomplete, he took stuff from me and pyllyukko as well as 12bytes, this was in 2017, my config existed already in 2014 as gist and later as GitHub repo. He even tried to convince others to shutdown their project to promote his project and to possible gain the “leadership”, you can read the discussion here. This corrupts and is against any open source philosophy, competition is good and wanted. This is dangerous, as of today pyllyukko is still active, and they combined their efforts to keep it running, however the concern is the negative influence here, from someone who is highly biased, toxic and harasses others. And overall it does not fit, first you want to shutdown a project with the argument it’s outdated, then you copy everything yourself over from two repos. This makes no sense, nor is it mandatory, the arkenfox or former Ghacks user.js is well-known to break stuff this is even mentioned as excuse for their failure on the and in their Wiki. Instead of providing something which works out of the box, they really expect you to waste your time digging through all of this, pointless This is a failure on the highest level because the configuration will suck up your lifetime for no benefit at all, I complain about this since years and created an anti-ghacks-user.js project later, because people came to be complaining, and there was no template tag on the repo because GitHub had no Template tag in 2017.

Time went by, and I watched the ridiculous comments on that ticket made by people who call themselves “authors”.

Debunking speculations, lies and other hoaxes

Spreading misinformation on purpose is illegal. Copyright does not work by “who uploaded it first on GitHub or website x“. I already wrote it above but mention it again in case someone links specific paragraphs, because you create the idea or your files normally first, locally – there are exceptions! – and then upload is somewhere else, none of their accusations respect this fact nor do they even mention it, which already indicates that these individuals have no clue how copyright actually really works. Instead, they accuse me and maybe other people in order to possibly promote their “own” projects or even projects from others in order to get attention.

Repo edits
15 times edited, shows how much time they waste to troll, dox and harass.

Their issue ticket got edited 15 or even more times, GitHub has some limits for logging, this pretty much shows that they spend much time creating this and even more time which-hunting me. I think only 15 edits are listed as history. I could be wrong, I never edited an issue ticket that often while opening an issue ticket to harass someone, nor did I which-hunt people, or spread in public my disrespect, unless they break ToS (e.g. cheater code). Talking about it, I refuse to see cheat code as “learning code”.

I add screenshots from the so-called “proof” repos, and explain now what was truly going on.

Responding with true and not made up facts

Claim 1




  • This is a pull request, as proof they show my repository with their fully uploaded script already. It’s a simple batch script anyone can write. So did I, back in 2015, see proof. The screenshot also shows modifications on the header, see later below in the issue ticket comment section, this is no proof at all everyone can pickup or create two files and claim something.

Thorin-Oakenpants could not possible know when I created the project, its my decision to upload something whenever I want, she lacks giving any proof disproving me. A commit at best provides when it was uploaded but never when it was really created. GitHub also saw that the same way and this is properly the reason why they created their issue ticket with bogus claims. After that they reached out, searched the web for me and ever since then they do nothing but this, and they never found something substantial on me. Conjecture is also no facts. GitHub has much more dirt on them, just for the record.

Claim 2



  • I would steal someones else script and upload it on GitHub without giving proper credits.


  • Same like 1 nothing can be proven. And this is also an accusation without anything behind. ASN‘s are been listed on several pages, dnslytics etc. and not under any copyright. I get accused that I’m not the original creator. The script was uploaded around 4 years ago while they renamed the project and maybe hosted it on other places, at least Kuketz-Blog wrote about it, however he is like Martin Brinkmann, not involved nor does he own any copyright. Instead, he trolled me on GitHub and pointing out to my donation website (which was optional) and said something like “go ahead and support such a dude”. I do not would call that “been called out”.

Totally ignoring facts, not asking nicely, instead you get attacked directly. Afterwards they even changed the header and included some nonsense that Mike Kuketz is a developer of this script, there is no pull request or nothing. Mike itself copies other people, and want to be an expert in cybersecurity, he never showed any certificate, he has none. His messenger matrix chart is a rip-off from Wikipedia’s version, which was inspired by He never gave credit. Mike is also often accused to tell lies in his Blog posts, every fact and valid criticism gets blocked or been called out as troll. Mike also never contacted me in the first place when he wrote a disrespectful swear tweet/toot or the mini news about me. This is no journalism at all, or objectiveness from someone who claims to be fair and objective.

Mike never leaves his Website because then he is not in control anymore and cannot block, mute or silence you based on his version of truth. He only posts some nonsense on social media aka Mastodon, the response there is limited, and you also can block/censor others at your will.

Speaking about ASN, there exist a website asn-blocklist since many years which does the same, this page actually was first there. Dealing with e.g. iptables cannot be copyrighted per-see, because iptables is documented and adding domains into a documented (.batch, .txt etc. from another third-party site such as asn-blocklist) is not automatically intellectual property, you just copy domains into it. There is no precedence case for this ever given, otherwise every “hello world” could be called as “plagiarism”.

The script and my original is still online since years.

Claim 3



  • I get accused here to “stole” someones else script, it was the opposite.


  • My script is since years online way before he Lanchon uploaded it on XDA.
  • The original script by me was uploaded 12 hours before he posted it on XDA.
  • I removed nothing because all code was written by myself, there is no screenshot, commit or anything except an afterwards uploaded GitHub repo.
  • Launchon not even mention this and claims he invented it, he edited his XDA thread countless times and spread lies via verbal attack on XDA (later on GitHub) he added pretty quickly a license and uploaded it onto GitHub, missing the point that there are time-zone differences between me and him and that I posted it already first on Forum.
  • After an Android-Hilfe mod contacted me to clear the situation I showed him my link to a private and public gist, he refused to accept it as legit and I left the forum on my own because I do snot support forums I was years member in who has no guts to back me up even after showing actual proof. This is the entire story here, Thorin-Oakenpants claims she knows something about it, she does not, she just searched GitHub in their own search to find more “evidence” against me, maybe also because she is bored half of the day. And that is all. She added it to the list of what she calls “proof” without contacting me, XDA or any Android-Hilfe mod.
  • A GitHub staff had to edit and intervene into Lanchon repository dealing with the claim, which is still misinformation. Lanchon was never really active on GitHub, which shows what troll action this was. He got punished accordingly and warned, and maybe he created or used an alt account to continue trolling as comment, like a miserable loser he is. After that, his GitHub went blank and nothing was ever been uploaded after that, while my script is still maintained.
  • Lanchon is a attention seeking person who, same like Thorin-Oakenpants claiming a lot without actually showing something. They seek approval by others because their life seems miserable, I pitty them. Because no human edits others people work and upload it under his name, and this is what Lanchon did nothing more, he is no-one and never will be someone. Not with this attitude.

Claim 4



  • I get accused to copyright someone else writings (intellectual property).


  • The linked article does not load and I cannot check it. My website also has an report button, you can use it to get in contact with me, besides my contact information are been shown on my GitHub profile. The so called original author never contacted me.
  • Anyone who really knows me knows I write a lot over the day.

.. while the website itself slowly loads..


So this claim is impossible to verify. It is also the first time I visited the website according to uBlock. Problem is that most authors, same like I, often publishing the article later or on a schedule. Hard to proof who wrote it first. Even if he copied me, I could not proof it, again it does not count when it was uploaded first, the time counts when it was written.

Claim 5



  • I get accused to copy BarbBlock-filter-list on GitHub.


  • The domain names were leaked online, no one actually had copyright, because it is fair use to take it if no author can be revealed. This gets ignored. I even stated that I created the list because it was incompatible with HOSTS. There was no DMCA, and the so-called “original” author even said it was okay in an issue ticket. His goal was to create an extension, my goal was to provide a Hosts solution, later he changed his list to be compatible with HOSTS and I deleted my project, nothing shady, all in public. The ones accusing me also lack providing any real evidence, no commit, screenshot, statement, DMCA was provided.
  • The actual domain or website owner has the actual copyright claims on his names, if you put this into a list in theory violates his owner-rights, that is what I like to state here. Putting into a text file does not mean I have any rights in case there is copyright/trademark etc. Everyone ignores it because it does not fit into their world and “proofs” their point. There is no objectiveness.

Claim 6, 7 and 8



  • I copied someones filter-list.


  • My Windows 10 telemetry file is since years online. In 2021 I password locked the file, but you can contact me to get the password. Proof.
  • There is no copyright on listing domains per-see, since we are not the owner of the domains and the domains are been listed already on several other websites, e.g. dnslytics. Capturing these lists and spreading them in a filtered list is 1) no intellectual property since you do not invent those names nor do you have any rights on them 2) capturing can be done in an automated process. The ones who accusing me lack showing proof how I “stole” something which anyone can collect freely with e.g. a web-crawler, uBlocks logger function, Wireshark, Fiddler and other tools. This is easily done and anyone can do it in minutes. Now provide the evidence that I captured xyz before or after person z, this is nearly impossible. A file diff only shows what is been “modified” or different, it does not show the timestamp or when it was collected. I can collect xyz now but refuse to upload it for various reasons (your choice) and upload it later, this does not make you the original author. Uploaded file date via GitHub is no actual proof for anything, it only gives a g limps when it was uploaded or edited.
  • Crazy-Max did a bad faith take down request, as he claims he is the owner, he is not domains, unless you own them yourself or are under trademark, in this case by Microsoft, are not copyrightable you need to register that.
  • The ones who accusing me also lack showing how they collected, obtained there the information. I doubt all of my 1 million commits are been manually been reviewed. Without that tool nothing can be proven, because it would reveal lots of people harvesting “domains” this way, with e.g. an automated logging tool. This is not against ToS. It is very hard to actual proof it especially in domains, similarities simply can happen, and a header is by default not under copyright, the entire file counts.

Claim 9



  • I get (again) accused to steal someone’s filter-list list and re-publish them on GitHub as my own. I must add here that they (the Ghacks people) found my CKsFilterlist GitHub project, so do the math, the goons with too many times send others into my repo to troll me with DMCA take-down requests. This is deliberately bad faith and normally should result in an account termination, how they get away with it is beyond me.


  • crazy-max has no copyright on any of the listed domains. These are collected via tools like e.g. Pi-Hole or AdGuard Home. There exist lots of proof on countless forum entries listing specific domains in a database like dnslytics etc. I accuse him that he stole it from there, I can not proof it and he cannot disprove it, which results in an mexican standoff. At this point I like to say regardless how we accuse each other, the fact remains that I uploaded the domain names first and even showed how to collect them. However the fact is that he himself uploads works from others like e.g. Discord to make money in form of sponsorship and donations, which violates Discord ToS. Most of his pages are copy and paste and the same crap across different portable products.
  • The list I’ve collected were explained in-depth including a tutorial in a wiki page, which I explicitly created for the CKsFilterList project, you do not even need Wireshark like crazy-max claimed he use to “capture” domains. You can use e.g. NetworkTrafficView, TCPView which are freeware utilities, or automated python scripts. I listed them and I gave credit to the authors of these tools. The traffic to mentioned domains is encrypted, after asking him in his repository how he proof what is telemetry he could not give me an answer because the traffic is TLS 1.3 encrypted which is as for now not interceptable without breaking specific things, in which I do not go into detail here.
  • Once again no proof was shown that I stole anything, after his DMCA take-down attempt I send a counter notice and I won.
After I send a counter-notice without getting any response, I created a mirror. This shows an alt reported this mirror to crazy-max and proves how toxic and jealous the community is.
  • If you sort domains alphabetical, the outcome is always the same, there is no copyright on this method itself. VS Code can do this in seconds. I can demonstrate it if requested.
  • Microsoft’s telemetry collection started in MDL forum and other forums, not with crazy-max, proof can be found on MDL forum in the telemetry collection thread which even lists my and other people’s name.
  • Again, if you check crazy-max repo you find copy & paste across all of his repos, his “work” in fact violates licenses of others, e.g. he provides portable versions of Discord which violates their rights, which shows he does all of this only for money – he also said, he needed to survive somehow – we all need to do this. However, he is driven to collect donations, while I am all for non-profit, all optional donations go into projects and not to me as a person. I often refuse to accept donations from people who like to support me. eMails can be shown, if requested however I do not like that individuals getting doxed because they support my work, so I can show emails but without actual addresses, which makes it harder to believe – I am aware of this problem/paradox.
  • He send another bad faith take down notice, this time GitHub just ignored my counter claim. This is not objective and proves my impression I had from GitHub all along, they prefer Paid Membership over actual copyright and none paid members. Typically Microsoft behavior. For copyright it should play no role if you currently have a paid GitHub membership or not, but apparently Microsoft handles it differently.

Now after some claims (collected over the years) without any proof, misinformation or any involvement we come to the point, which includes the former ghacks-user.js. The project leader apparently cannot deal with any criticism in general, you see this on his response and comments and how he contradicts herself with “do not waste his time with him” but she is ultimately the one who created and started it and still comments on almost everything when there is a chance.

Keep in mind, she trolled me with this knowingly because the Ghacks goons blocked me from the repository already at this point, so that I cannot respond in the form of a comment. What is the point to quote someone without giving him/her the ability to respond? – This is trolling on a high level.

The following conversation shows that the ghacks-user.js project leader cannot accept any criticism and responds childish and at the end even insult me. That’s kindergarten level. Back to the kiddo table!

I dared to say something against the project
  • Past sentence, if you complain about my English, make sure you get it right too.
  • NO link or reference given, what is the point to quote something which I (and others) cannot verify; or check again to refresh my memory?
  • I will respond below in a comment structure, it is confusing so or so.

e.g. he disables all cookies but suggest/recommend in their own wiki to use a cookie black/whitelist addon – why when Firefox can native do this via ‘settings’ – history – cookies [exceptions]?! The addon he suggest also lowers the security, and you might run into possible addon fakes, besides this each addon rises memory consumption.
quote from user.js “You can set exceptions under site permissions or use an extension” – What part of OR does he not understand

No user want to do this, which is my underlying point here, which is totally been missed. See the difference to go through 2 or 4 clicks for each new cookie, don’t you?

also, quote from wiki extensions “While we believe these are the very best of the best, this can be subjective depending on your needs. We are also not saying you have to use all these extensions.”

This was added and edited later this is correct, did you gave me credit for informing you, no. Did I cry, no. I responded in an adult manner. Its genius to quote from a wiki page which you edited afterwards, to make me look like an moron. Capitals signal the start of a new sentence, time to troll, as a native English speaker but cannot follow his own English rules while accusing me to be bad in English? This is nothing but “Lame”.

How does a cookie manager lower security? Our wiki points to a reputable well-known extension. If anything, the fact they are not auto-updated enhances this – see his next point

Every external resource can be compromised, this has nothing to do with “trust”. The underlying point here is that you simply could decide to go fully into the battle without an extension or with, but not a crippled middle way which has downsides for the user. It does not matter how you or I see this personally. It is more work.

running into possible addon fakes? huh? We can’t make people use a particular extension, but by recommending some at least we’re vetting it and linking to the real thing

You can self-compile the binaries and then manually install them, this was the point here. In addons (extensions) case this takes some seconds on mid-range PC.

memory consumption? really? .. a few hundred kb’s .. OMG .. the world is ending.

This is why no one can take user-js or arkenfox or whatever they call themselves these days serious, here are few Kb and there some MB. It makes a difference, especially on systems which cannot easily upgrade the RAM and are already low on resources. Not everyone is on Desktop, there is mobile, you know?! Sarcasm doesn’t make someone look smarter here. Some would say only the ignorant laugh.

Disabling automatically addon-updates is also horrible, you lower your security point and not increase it because in fact 99% of all people never review addons or understanding the source code.

This is clearly worded in the user.js and the wiki implementation page. Users STILL get notifications. The whole point of not auto-installing them actually INCREASES security if done in a timely manner, as it allows vetting of changes – especially now AMO auto approves new releases. Users have the option to turn it on or back on .. because .. TEMPLATE

I will respond to both of the two comments.

I also do often do the mistake to oversimplify things, this is in general not good. 99% – Those numbers are made-up and there is no evidence. She claims the entire day based on her beliefs, but that is all. Unknown and new addons/extensions are often directly reviewed. There are websites to inspect the package, which make the process easier. Also, there is or was a A.I. based review.

Auto-updates per-see is no guarantee for more security, there were cases when owner changed and the extension/addon got compromised. The user typically does not see the change directly, or he/she needs background knowledge on how to audit it.

There are a lot of more examples but this guy does not know what he is doing or talking about….

Nice one. I’ll just let the community decide for themselves. CHEF-KOCH has already been shown up to be a plagiarizing, hypocritical SoB with no verbal reasoning skills.

There are no “more examples” this is her interpretation and that is all.

My response to the insult

  • This is coming from the fangirl, which loves to seek attention, making a public drama scene on an “issue ticket” to other projects not even involved in and then afterwards blocks me like an 14 old person. In the hope that I cannot respond. Well, she failed miserably. I like to state that it’s her who has no clue with statements like this IPv6 can be abused, THIS IS BEYOND CRINGE because some ISPs these days only offering IPv6 because IPv4 run out of addresses. You can simply harden protocols against some spoofing attacks, but this is beyond her comprehension.
  • No skills at all behind any of the listed members, all they do is to copy stuff out from Bugzilla and Tor Project claiming that they only copy “some” which is nothing but a lie. They scrape and search for the specific user.js JavaScript lines, maybe with a third-party scraper or the given search function, and then extract user.js relevant stuff without giving any credit at all into “their project”. Sherlock, you need to mention specific sources and not “thousands of sources” like you wrongly do into the project’s You also must include the license of other people’s work, which you do not do, instead you even remove credits from e.g 12bytes – which assclown does that? This is not how copyright works. You need to list each one and their license, if they are different or modified, even a link is normally not enough but often accepted.
  • Harassing, stalking and doxing me across the entire web, such person really dares opening her mouth?
  • I bet her alt accounts are on my Discord, isn’t that right? Maybe you do this whole arkenfox or whatever your copy & paste project is all about, to give and provide others or the community with ways to dox others?!
  • Do you change your project name again once you get busted doxing others? I must wonder. No backbone at all!

This is one sad but great example of delusional people, who even embrace harassment by linking it to other people and projects. The entire so-called proof are from other GitHub repos, based on metadata, good luck with that in court, but if someone dares to actually give you something as counter-proof, there comes nothing, no regrets, no apologies .. just nothing.

I am not a hypocrite, or accusing others which is btw. still harassment and doxing, which should have been resulted in your account ban. You got lucky that the GitHub staff only closed this issue ticket, after that you got mad and started reaching out trying to find something which you call evidence.

This example, the anti ghacks user.js .. contains 102 prefs for undoing the settings – apparently, to undo prefs with no “security” aspect. Fair enough, no one ever claimed the ghacks user.js is just about security.

I dared to say something against the project

If the user.js is not about security then remove it + the tag, but the clickbait with “privacy”, “security” and in general “sec op” is strong I know. That is why every VPN provider likes to use those words. I even stated in my repository that user.js “hardening” not necessarily increase but can even decrease, performance, security and other aspects because some toggles might be broken or cause vulnerabilities e.g. more fingerprinting which can expose someone. Which is the reason why flags are in general called as “beta”. Flags (or user configuration based changes) are also no “LAST RESORT” toggles to increase xyz. The best possible way is to implement it for everyone into the browser, without that it breaks some stuff.

Debunking troll comments from some alt accounts + randos (randos = trolls without any connection to me, my project, my work etc.)

Case 1

Based on:

No doubt that the CH is a schmack with multiple personality disorder where he is calling himself as a “we”. Like the saying: once I have been schizophrenic, but now we are OK. At least he has a lot of company. lol

In response:
There is no context given, but the other side around, the same could be said about the ghacks goons.


From this discussion there is also “we”.


In the second response:
So what? You read minds now and know who is behind everything. Congrats!

Shall I interpret something wrongly into your stuff now, the given “argument” or statement is Kindergarten level and is highly context based. Accusing others been x is also doxing and illegal, especially if you spread it in the public and even dare calling it a “fact”.

Case 2 – Insults

Based on:

What a fucking pathetic troll! He’s just pushing your buttons, Pants. Don’t feed the trolls, guys.

In response:

  • She (and others) created entire issue ticket(S) which is 99% off-topic to dox me, but says “don’t feed the trolls” (plural). Made my day, shows how limited this person horizon rally is. But she continues wasting her time with it. Or others who are not involved. A no-one.
  • Insult.

Case 3 – A random troll shows up.

Based on:

More or less everything. One man just can’t do so many projects and maintain them.
He is making damage to users, when someone is relying to stuff in his repository which is not maintaned then.

In response:

  • This guy participate in doxing which is still a illegal or to be precise it depends on country and jurisdiction. He speculates something he has no clue about, he cannot possible know what person x is capable of just because it does not fit into his limited horizon.
  • He also claims that something would not be maintained anymore, I maintain everything until I mark it as archived, delete it or replace it. Nothing changed on that.
  • You can find people maintaining 500 or even more repositories perfectly fine. There are some tricks, also there are automated tools, scripts and whatnot.

Case 4 – Stalking and an attempt to other to e.g. down-vote me.

Based on:


In response:

  • GitHub has a following option since years.
  • Wastes his time with me, instead of minding his own business.
  • Not even related to the issue ticket in which I get wrongly accused of doing x. The claim is at best hear say.

Case 5 – Talks with himself in response. multiple times also across other issue tickets.

Based on:


In response:

  • Claims I would do x. Yet again, without anything behind.
  • Talks with himself? But claims I would have some disorder, well this does not compute here.
  • Claims I would confuse privacy with security. This was not the case. There is also no context, the given statements on the link can be wrongly interpreted, like the “Ghacks community” often do on purpose to harden and to support their own claims.
  • There is an edit button, no one needs to get notified about your claims. Attention seeking. “Here, look at me, I wrote something new”.

Case 6 – More talks with yourself.

Based on:


In response:

  • Claims, I did not wrote all of my projects myself. While he himself uses a copyright based avatar which he took from the internet.
  • Fails to provide evidence for his ridiculous claims.

Case 6 – Interpreting something into a picture he was not involved in.

Based on:

pic for posterity: Note: 8th time he’s been banned/shutdown. He has an issue with gorhill (holy fuk, gorhill is awesome) but then I suspect he has an issue with everyone (you’re not special gorhill, sorry). He says he can’t switch to other platforms because he’s already “censored” there (way to twist words CK). And the old fallback re lawyers.

In response:

  • I do not idolize people like a 14 years old teeny girl, that is correct. I only have problems with people trying and failing to dox me.
  • Gorhill had some issues with his repo and refused to add contact info to his profile (fun fact later he did). This was bad in my opinion because he restricted and banned people from his popular uBlock and uMatrix repository, people who like to help – for free, for the community and without drama. How he handled this was a shit-show imho, people contacted me and I tried to help.
  • Thorin-Oakenpants does now know what I mean here with other platforms censorship. This refers in common to shadow-bans etc. because he does not know the background. She is not involved into it, but tries to look smart here by posting information she misinterpreted from one single screenshot. A screenshot which was copied and therefore stolen. I did not give my permission that you copy it, the reason I created the “project”. You could have just linked to the original gist/project where you took it from, or label it as taken from there. None of it was the case.

The back-story here was that a GitHub bot indexed my Gists and found some child porn domain link in it. The problem is, you cannot watch every link you ever posted and know if the domain owner or website owner not changed it to make a child-porn page out of it. Not to mention that it is still listed on e.g. Google, you need a login (which I never had) and run through 100 other hoops to pass verification. The best way would have been to contact the domain/website owner and search provider to get such stuff removed and people behind it put in jail. What did the “Ghacks community” did, they made fun of it and accused and speculated stuff into it, more than there was? The gist was years old, so there is no proof if that really was or is a child porn page or not, I never checked it. I reported it to Google without success. I do not support such things like Nazis, child-porn or online doxing this is widely known, it’s also against GitHub ToS.

That’s all there was. Rest is pure speculation from people who like to speculate stuff into “their” world.

Later they even linked statements, see here:

They even provide the links, claiming they found it by accident, they searched the issue ticket, that’s all:

Case 7 – People stole my content and uploaded it on other websites as “mirror” but they seriously claim I steal stuff!?

Based on:


In response:

  • Posting my stuff without permission on other websites. I am still the owner of mentioned content and can let it remove from web-archive.
  • Stealing my stuff and upload it on other platforms. Credits given, none. That is the reality here., it is my content you wrongfully spread.

Case 8 – Lies from a girl who outed herself already as biased

Based on:


In response:

  • Stalking me on Reddit, I bet it was her who reported me at the end. It must be someone involved into this topic. This was pure “payback” the irony here is that none of the given stuff was checked, no one contacted me. Claiming then I am guilty because someone did not want to make his job right, to not waste his time, shows what is wrong with Reddit mods.
  • Convince others to dox me on other platforms and discussions, it’s still doxing and online harassment. This is proven again now.
  • Lies about “barely posts stuff on Ghacks”, well if you stalk me and dox me you might need to take priorities, that is correct. After I busted her as biased and fangirl, she has no backbone to show herself there anymore. This is cringe. Or does she use alt accounts to post on MBs website? Who believes that a rando who started at Ghacks will leave the page after that page even promoted her so-called work?
  • My original post from 2014 was a Gist and not licensed, GitHub has had some issues at this time with licenses across some Gists, which is solved now. I deleted the 2014 repo in fav. of my new repository.
  • The original user.js is not from Ghacks, nor “pants”. It is created by me, 12bytes and some older folks, long before the goons even appeared on GitHub. Do not get fooled here, she likes to spread misinformation.
  • Ghacks website is in my opinion hard to search, you can search titles perfectly fine, but user specific searches are not to get. Pants could have requested to remove xyz post, we will never know, his claim that he does not post much there anymore is questionable and not proven on both ends, since I have no time to go through all posts from Ghacks. However I would do provide and bust her as liar that she clearly is.

Case 9 – Admitting using alt accounts, possible to dox others (me)?

Based on:


In response:

  • The picture shows that he uses an alt account and even admits it. Alt accounts are on no platform welcome or allowed, and often only used to harass, spy, track/stalk and dox others. In this case, me. Alt accounts can be abused to manipulate the up/-downvote tracker to influence public opinions, this is toxic on the highest level. This happened on the Trump election. Spread misinformation and it made him president, FACTS.

Case 10 – A online doxer wants pity!

Based on:

I know I try to avoid him as well. But he keeps popping up on my radar from time to time. I’ve never done anything to him (it’s all his own making). First, years ago, he was very hard to deal with in PK’s repo (it felt personal, but that’s just his style), so much so that I stopped contributing anything there.

This set him off or something, because then he starts upping the anti, with an anti-ghacks-user.js and rants about FUD etc, and then plagiarizes your work (which then turns out to be more common than you think). It’s all his own doing.

In response:

  • Wants pity after he created an fake issue ticket designed to harass me and to call me out for something he is not even involved in.
  • Claims I am the reason that he could not continue in other projects. He even tried to comment in my user-js, this was before the ghacks-user-js was even created.
  • He copied other people’s work, re-wrote it and called it ghacks-user.js claimed Martin Brinkmann gave his approval. Mb had at this time no copyright or trademark on the name itself since Ghacks is spoken out “Google Hacks”, you cannot put a trademark on both labels. Later, after Martin sold his soul, they trademarked it (see above). You can look this up on any trademark website.
  • She likes the word “plagiarizes”. The problem is that Pants and I have no copyright on any about config stuff, I am just saying it, because the contributors create and upload their code, we just pick it up and integrate it. If she is referring to the script, I showed above that I wrote it.
  • I now explained above why I created the anti-ghacks-user.js in the first place because I was sick of her nonsense. That is all there was, apparently it triggered her hard which was what I hopped to archive and a sad but consolation in return of wasting my time correcting their screw-ups.
  • You can just block people on GitHub f you do not like them, the thing is she created an issue ticket and this was open, and now she expects that there are no responses? Seriously. Every troll comes in when the door with a fresh meal is served, this is known. Another lack of the logic “trying to avoid him” is that this is a lie, she kept posting and commenting on every website, her so-called issue ticket and a couple of other websites. FACTS.

Case 11 – Stalks me even after I got muted on GitHub?

Based on:


In response:

  • Searches me after I am temporarily muted on GitHub, spreading misinformation without asking me.
  • Basically shows others how to search me or my content, shows how obsessed this dox community are, and their obsession with me. This is crazy. They are jealous that I gained everyone trust and that is all.
  • WildersSecurity Forum is a clown forum, period. They suppress your opinion. Simple fact, other people/platforms doing it too, first of their rule is that the Mod is always right, but I kneel before no one. I kneel when I am wrong, but I often correct myself, which makes it useless to kneel. However, nobody is perfect.

Case 12 – Made up arguments to make yourself look and feel better?

Based on:


In response:

  • I tolerated this repo now for years and now is the time to debunk the lies. It is already a shame that I need to waste my pressures life-time with doxer, cyberbullies, trolls and the internet dirt. You can be proud of yourself now, I gave you 2 min attention.
  • Lots of words from people deliberately harass others with off-topic and more philosophical “look at this evil dude” nonsense than actually providing something useful. The sad thing is that they doing it since years, and I am sure they find someone new know, because this is what bored kids do. Ghacks user-js or whatever it is called is pathetic on the highest level. Shame on people who accuse others and getting away with it.
  • She says now multiple times across multiple comments “stop wasting your time” but creates an entire ticket with nonsense + stuff none of you were ever involved in. Contradicts everything.
  • No backbone coming into my Discord with you real accounts, right? Well, it is easier to spread some bullshit on the internet, isn’t it? Someone should say at this point that I could not respond to the topic on GitHub at all because they blocked me, so an objective response was never possible nor wanted from them. This is all not mentioned because it makes them look like they have something to hide or fear of my response. Keep in mind that some of these goons come with the bogus argument “he bans and is pro censorship” (see below), words from people who themselves ban me in the hope that their so-called arguments count more or convince more people of their “version”.

The GitHub thread was is designed to roast me, nothing more and the attempt failed miserably. I just responded to everything, or everything which was somewhat useful or questionable.

Case 13 – Censorship against me from people who excluded me from “their” repository to avoid that I can respond.

Based on:


People in this thread made already up their mind and are based on the highest level. There was no point in the first place to open an ticket. Send the DMCA take-down request, end.

In response:

  • Again, they excluded me to this repository, which means you cannot respond. Biased people also do not want to hear any other opinions. Its called “collective thinking” and often comes from conspiracy people or politicians.
  • They re-link the same links to the uBlock story here, nothing more. Yes I do fight for people, if I can help just one or 100 I will do it. The speculation that only one is excluded from uBlock repository is nothing but speculation on their end, same like that this would be my friend. I exclude my private life from my online activities and therefore have no “online friends” – I prefer real ones, some people which you can rely on, trust and call your secrets.

Case 14 – Censorship from people who excluded me from the repo to avoid that I can respond

Based on:

In response:

  • Alt account on GitHub, you see that, he is now been called “ghost”, maybe Pants himself used an alt account to get into our Discord server. The ghost however got banned after I found out he is posting screenshots from our Community to this shameful issue ticket, against my will and my permission. It violates our own Discord server set rules. If we cannot trust each other, we should go our different ways, my philosophy.
  • My Discord Server does not support or tolerate alt accounts or accounts without avatar, it is that simple. If you do not fit in, you automatically get banned, this is more than legit after this shameless GitHub issue thing.

The so called ghacks user-js community caused actual damage here because some alt account tried to infiltrate our little community and I and some mods had to deal with them, this was unnecessarily, not to mention against Discord ToS. It pretty much reflect their real intention why they create an anti-fingerprinting config in the first place, to support harassment, you see that because they always connect trough Desktop Browser into Discord, in the wrong believe browser offers “more protection”, this is not the case since no config or script blocker or extension can’t strip away necessarily functions e.g. your Discord unique ID.

Case 15 – Copies our Discord stuff into public and wonders why he got banned?!

Based on:

In response:

  • The user wonders why he got banned without any word, he just copied entire conversations from our Discord server. Your rules clearly forbidding that. Not to mention you can manipulate it, opening the console and re-writing words or other stuff takes no genius in Discord, this is well-known and the reason why we do not allow posting our material into public without approval.
  • His screenshot also does not show anything at all, just saying he could have inserted a random screenshot, since I do not log or keep the stuff and delete it after x days we will never know.
  • He claims to be former security specialist or expert or involved into security, but dox others. Come hire this weeb dude!
  • His avatar is stolen from here.
  • Later he finally got why he got banned smart, but not very because that you dox others and leak stuff outside their private Discord is still a no-go if you ever get a job interview. But you will never work in your entire life because the amount you waste in forums and doxing others will bring you no further in life.

Based on:


In response:

  • Alt account leaks the invite link, this is pointless because it is DDoS protected, but we had some work to do, ban some “clowns”. Later I update the official links on GitHub and on our servers and the issue was resolved.
  • Once a link is leaked it’s pointless trying to hide it, pretty sure they made copies. We solved it by replacing the invite and tagged all other invite links expired.
  • This violates GitHub as well as Discord ToS, thy got away with it.

Case 15 – Talking about bypassing Discord bans or how it works

Base on:


In response:

  • Trying to come back into our server, or at least talks about the possibility to bypass the Discord ban mechanism. Low as hell, especially because it’s written down by Discord. But it shows that they do all sorts of shady things.
  • Pretty low to waste your lifetime with such things, for a person you dislike. Why join and try to infiltrate my community if you dislike me, didn’t your Capt. said “don’t waste your time”? Can’t you read.

Case 16 – Talking about bypassing Discord bans or how it works

Based on:


In response:

  • I do not leak others because I do not care much about others people private life. I do not create disrespectful issue tickets to call others out, if I have problems with them, I send take-down notice, contact them first which is always the best way and I do not encourage others to dox someone.
  • Not only that, but I at worst call specific individuals out who do on purpose illegal stuff on GitHub e.g. promoting cheats or in this case to clear the given misinformation, this causes damage which I fight against. I also do not call myself “freedom fighter”, I help when I can, more like an activist who informs people and I also inform about misinformation.

Case 17 – Someone claims I copied his text?

Based on:

In response:

  • I hope he did not get doxed and deleted his account.
  • I responded to his accusations and explained it in detail. There is nothing plagiarized. He also leaked and manipulated some screenshots, there is no evidence on both ends, I did not take any screenshots and his Reddit account got deleted, and I have no records. On the other side, no one can prove his words, the user has however overall no credibility (nor any backbone).
  • He seriously says that no one on Mozilla would answer like that, well maybe not on Klingon, but this is nothing but ridiculous and out of anything, speculation at best.
  • His account maybe got banned for bogus take-down requests, this is also illegal, especially participating into harassment.

Case 18 – Me, no English?

Me Fail English GIFs | Tenor
Via Tenor, copyright listed here.

Based on:

In response:

  • He claims it because he had some lines with me talking, okay. As if you never make a mistake, well okay then, anyone who makes mistakes cannot be trusted, so everyone!
  • There is no proof, the only proof is what I provide, that I am not a native English speaker, through my GitHub profile. I disclosed this already in 1999 or even earlier, long before GitHub came into existence on other forums. My grammar sucks, but my English is more than understandable, even for low-life like Pants.

Case 19 – I get accused of stealing a filter-list.

Based on:

In response:


In response:

  • CksFilterlist added credits and all contributions. This was before the time GitHub introduced Actions or A.I. based stuff.
  • The project was not under MIT OR GPL, I re-licensed it, it is also shown in the screenshot.
  • My response can be shown here, I am aware that people now trying to sabotage it. but the timestamp will not lie.

In response:
There is no violation here, the commit also points to an taken down project (by crazy-max), I did fill a counter take-down request on crazy-max. This rando and new guy never filled a DMCA take-down request. It’s also questionable if someone can claim copyright on words only based on specific routines, which any AI or tool can return. GitHub now faces that problem with their A.I., which is unsolved.

Case 20 – Banned by Reddit, no. Banned from one single Subreddit, yes. No shits given!

Based on:


In response:

  • Reddit mods are known to be assholes, not all of them, but a lot. That is why people switching to other websites like e.g. Ruqqus. Reddit later banned any or lots of topics regarding piracy because of the owner change.
  • I got banned from a mod, on Reddit on the piracy Subreddit my tutorial about how to use Discord encryption was legit and upvoted by many users. The mod refused to answer me after I asked why I got banned, he never had the guts to answer. Mods on Reddit normally never getting punished, which is the luxury of being a mod on Reddit. The irony is that doxing did this. No actual evidence that I stole something, they just posted the link without that the mod bothered even asking my side of the story. Maybe it was posted by Pants himself, which would not surprise me at this point giving his obsession with my person (proof is his issue ticket, his comments, his actions and other things against my person, not my work). He brought this to a personal level. I do not even cared because I made a copy of my own post predicting it and there is a web-archive, but lots of people DM’ed me if I cannot continue.

Case 21 – Thorin-Oakenpants claims attribution are given on his project, this is a lie.

Based on:


In response:

  • Did Pants gave credit for the stolen avatar? What about the stolen lyrics in the user.js? O could list much more here.
  • There was no attribution given to me and my work on other user.js based projects you took stuff from, e.g. the Tor community. Check the, he even removed credits afterwards, she never ever likes to give credits to anyone. FACT.
  • They (what I call the “Ghacks community on GitHub” [group of people without coding skills, idolizing and or Mozilla]) simply used (the website) as a portal and for their clickbait to spread. MB was stupid enough to give them an audience, so that he now indirectly supports doxing. Martin Brinkmann could have debunked some myths on GitHub, he never did nor did he ever show up his face on this fan created repository. The so-called community was from 4 people on Ghacks who posted their findings, nothing more, this was no community effort at first. Proof for such claim that this was a community effort cannot be given, since there is none, stealing findings on other pages and posting it on Ghacks gives you no copyright. FACTS.

However, no one in the world would have given those rando accounts any attention, there exist already other user.js projects in mass which “the ghacks-user.js” author tried to shut down with the argument that it’s not as well maintained. The proof is already shown above, she tries to get rid of “competition” – Is that you Intel?

Case 22 – “Only a narcissist would create their own topic tag about themselves.”

Based on:


In response:

  • So e.g. Microsoft and others are narcist too? Congratulations, words from a rando. Maybe learn what tags (their origin now linked) are and how to utilize them, then come back. Incredible moronic logic plus statement from a fangirl, someone who posts lots of stuff on a website who sold his soul.
  • But let me explain my logic, so that even you can understand and comprehend it, it makes sense to create your own tags to deal + find your stuff easier. It certainly helped others doxing me, didn’t it? So be thankful!
  • We hit in the shown screenshot now the year 2019, they’re still talking about me for every crap they think they can use against me. Ridiculous and pathetic. Typical behavior of kids in a matter of “I seek revenge” against the “evil”. I did the same when I was 10. Revenges do not solve anything, and you do not feel better.

Case 23 – “Even his nickname is plagiarized. :-D”

Based on:

In response:

  • Troll response, my GitHub account is older than the website a simple dnslytics (its free) check reveals when the domain got registered, which was between 2012/2013. The first content was posted in 2014. 2014 – 2021 – Do the math yourself, my GitHub account exist now for 10 years.
  • Words from someone who steals a GNU logo and put it as his avatar without giving credit. GNU cat copied from a cat and the gnu logo on white background, not to mention not really any activity at all on GitHub.
  • The user here has 3 repos, is 100% no coder and all of “his” stuff is forked, so basically he did nothing, which is strong because his account is from 2010. So, this is nothing but a troll.

Case 24 – Crying about “placebo” Windows tweaks

Based on:


Claims to be a tweaker, post temporarily legit token which expires, how stupid can some individual be? The kid is too stupid to post a link, imagine that?! Stupid is no insult here because it’s a fact he did that. And this dude seriously claims to be a tweaker, this is nothing but a bad lie. He does not know how to open a debugger without Google’ing what a debugger is first, he is not capable of debugging Windows. Pro Tweak: Every CMS has an option to copy the permalink.

In response:

  • I wrote a review about “his” tweaks he provides on a lousy blog page. It is not on GitHub, and so I more or less called him out here on GitHub, this was a mistake, you should never give such people attention. He disliked my article and this is simply put “payback” troll comment, as simple as that. Hope he gets more support! Donate for people who dox and harass, very adult. He is still in my Discord friendliest btw. He himself added me, and I accepted it already reading his troll comment on GitHub. Outsmarted pretty easily and played along.
  • My review about him was published on my gaming-tweaks repo, which also shows that I am also an intelligent gamer with something behind, – Knowledge. I actually waste lots of time checking the true facts and debug stuff and do not spread stuff based on what “I feel”.

Based on:


In response:

  • The linked repositories are not mine, and I was barely active there.
  • There are no “repository only” bans, you can be excluded someone from repo owners or get DMCA on your own repositories, it’s nothing but nonsense what Pants wrote or claims here. My claim can be proven, GitHub explains how bans, violations etc. are working and what consequences they include.

Case 26 – Still stalking and watching every move.

Based on:


In response:

  • Shows how he or they following me, harass and dox me across other platforms to get attention and in the hope to gain credibility. Low, especially for a girl who calls herself “pants” but claims I have a disorder. Maybe actually check your pants, I see some red!

Case 27 – Still loves the word “plagiarism” and says again “don’t waste my/your time” to make it look more important.

Based on:


In response:

  • I posted the link on Twitter + Discord only. So they took it from there, honestly I do not care here. But apparently someone cannot understand proper English because everything was explained in detail and leaks outside our Discord (it was shortly posted after I leaked it on Discord fist), without approval/review are not tolerated. I pity you.

Case 28 – Calling me a liar and that I manipulate GitHub staff or their emails/screenshots to make myself look better, wow!

Based on:

In response:

  • Some rando claims x. Again, it gets boring.
  • The rando claims I manipulate screenshots. I have not. I am very bad in editing pictures, so no manipulation is possible from my end. Furthermore, I have installed but mostly use mspaint.exe and ShareX integrated screenshot function, this is all “leaked” by myself and no news at all. I do no editing on Linux, more on Android on a “meme level”, that is all there is.

Case 29 – A guy who spreads useless tweaks wants to call me out (again).

Based on:


In response:

  • An angry kid who (again) uses his opportunity to pay back that I dared to “downvoted” basically debunked his tweak guidance collection. Hurts, doesn’t it?
  • Troll account, no activity. He is not involved into open source and his crap often is on Google Drive, or closed source.
  • Steals himself tweaks and other stuff without giving any attribution ever. You find no attribution, licenses or what in any of his projects, links or guidance.
  • Hides the facts that some of the stuff is not working even after I disproved him.
  • Calls me out that I am maybe not a gamer, remember he is still in my friendliest at this point, after reading this I blocked him because he never wrote something with me, and it was already clear what his true intention are.

Case 30 – Interpreting something into given pictures without admitting things

Based on:


In response:

  • Bogus DMCA from people who threaten me, dox me and spreading deliberately misinformation. Yes, it counts as “history”. Fact is, no DMCA came through. I counter notice everything, there is no lawsuit or anything in question against me, never was and never will be.
  • Everyone can create bogus DMCA request. There is no law to punish them, this maybe will change next year to avoid stupid DMCA takedowns. Remember youtube-dl, well there you have it. I see yt-dl violating third-party licenses, btw. even if I like the tool, I see it that way. FACTS.

Case 31 – Still no facts, interpretations at best and that is all there is.

Based on:

  • There it is again, the “we”. This user and I have no history at all nor does she can speak for anyone other than himself.
  • Again, I did respond to all DMCA requests and I won every case in my favor. My account did got suspended, not banned because I called out cheaters, it was not okay how I handled it but I had m reasons and I explained it.
  • I even created an repo explaining the incident and why my GitHub account got suspended, simply to avoid that someone spreads misinformation about what really happened.

Case 32 – Another rando from 2020 claims he “saw” “it” (my so called BS) years ago?

Base on:


In response:

  • Another rando, insults me by calling my repos “bs”. Based on what, your based opinion or actual facts. Who cares btw?
  • Never heard or interacted with him, clearly fake/dox account without any credibility.
  • 5 edits for 2 liner comment. I am impressed.

Case 33 – Claiming my Spotify list is stolen without any evidence just to harass me and my work.

Based on:


In response:

  • Claims stuff without evidence out of the blue because he thinks online harassment is a cool sport, would you agree, this is sarcasm btw…
  • My Spotify list is original and rest of my work too, every DMCA bogus attempt I took down without any sweat. FACTS.

Case 34 – GitHub does not block individuals accounts.

Based on:

In response:

  • GitHub does not block individuals, they suspend, ban or delete you (your account from their platform, owned by Microsoft btw). I got suspended and I explained it in-depth, more open is not possible.
  • Misinformation spread, the link an explanation was already given some comments above.

In second response:
See above, I can still access all content, just my stuff is (for now) hidden from the public, that is all. Drama about nothing. It even can be reinstated if GitHub or I wanted too, I do not want it because I do not support a platform supporting doxer or cheater.

Case 35 – Censorship, trolling again.

Based on:


In response:

  • Uploads my stuff against my will, in order to dox via an issue ticket which was closed by a GitHub staff and comes with free speech. Free speech has limits which you simply ignore.
  • Never communicated with him, the claim he makes that I would ban everyone is nothing but a FUD. I ban people who support e.g. but not limited doxing, because I do not support any kind of online harassment. Period.
  • Copies the same text (my text) from another member above, but claims something I would take stuff from others. FACTS.
  • He “leaks” my Twitter account so that people can harass me on other platforms, or in other words, he encourages others checking me out. My Twitter was already shown on my profile, anyway it makes it not better, it puts oil into the fire calling someone out again and again, for nothing.

Case 36 – Doxing across other repositories, evidence provided.

Based on:


In response:

  • Account from 2015, no profile picture, no history. Has one repo called dotfiles, well that name is taken from someone else isn’t it .. so there is that.
  • Doxing is still against any ToS. He is not involved and a fanboy apparently. Why post off-topic into another ones repository? Pointless. It is not even related or relevant and I do not try to hide something here, really, I let this stand for so long.

Case 37 – Trying to get rid of me across other repositories.

Based on:


In response:

  • I had nothing to do with the mentioned/linked project.
  • The so-called facts are already entirely debunked as unproven to spread misinformation.
  • I never spoke to any of them, what should this prove, that someone created an issue ticket with misinformation, congrats you just made a fool out of yourself.
  • The issue ticket got closed. It was a pathetic try from a troll, the maintainer was smart enough to realize it.

Bonus: Dealing with the n1kobg, the tweaker troll

The first time he failed linking to his blog, so I did my own research, it was not hard to find. His Website basically only contains the main website with backlinks. The pictures who do not load in my screenshots are taken from third-party sources, that is why it is blocked. He did not mention from which sources he took it his pictures on his Website. These are pictures embed from other third-party resources.


His original main post shows “Monday, 13 August 2018”, this is also from Windows 10 times. Because Win 10 first release was 29. July 2015. However, this does not really matter because he edited the blog post so often without giving any credit nor linking external sources that it won’t matter. I do not bother with this, but he embedded some copy & paste statement from the Ghacks tissue ticked which is a copy from various comments from other people, so I decided to include him. n1kobg is not involved into open source and his website does not provide any commit/change history, which makes it impossible without scraping the website to check what he edited afterwards. Instead, he wrote on some of his pages “updates” but not so on the main website, so no one can see when he last edited it, genius move.

After I found this, he apparently copied other people statements from a biased GitHub article into his website.

You can right-click and open the image source to see the text better.

He cannot even write one single sentence without any failures. And this dude calls himself a tweaker, this is the real sad story here. You would expect some skills from such persons, but nothing. Why not give or link to the thread you stole it from? That was the Ghacks thread, you even responded in there. Again, n1kobg is a rando who coded nothing at all on GitHub and is jealous and angry I debunked his copy & paste tweaks, but let’s move on and debunk his bullshit in depth below.

He now seriously tries to convince others that I stole something from him, this is beyond cringe.


There are 3 third-party pictures, he took from the said Ghacks issue ticket, no credit given, no reference and nothing. But let’s continue our story here.

First picture shows some netsh commands which are in public documented, these are no one’s possessions, MS maybe because they created them.

Picture one, in case he deletes it, here is the original link:


It shows some netsh commands, as said they are documented. You can use “netsh” into the console and it reveals bunch of help and options you can use. Some of the mentioned toggles are only for server editions. And most stuff is listed on official documents see here and downloadable here.

netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled for example is listed since 2013, long before n1kobg wrote his blog post over here.

Picture two: (also temp link)


It is the same screenshot basically showing my repo, except that he forgot to copy my or Intel’s “recommendations”. I even linked it in the reference material. See here for e.g. the so-called “jumbo” frame tweak. Intel provides lots of documents, they own the copyright, not you now I and I linked those pages, but not n1kobg in this case.

Yes, you copied it from various places, this is correct. Then you claim it works on e.g. Windows 10, which is not the case, you provide absolute no evidence for such a claim, how does a server tweak works if you use it on normal Windows version, you verify nothing of your claims.

Third picture: Uploaded on his blog without linking the original source:

The original source he took it from is from here.

There is no link given to that specific file, he did a screenshot from a diff tool, everyone can do it and fake it, especially if there is no link or timestamp. I showed when I created it. That is all there is, this disproves the claims already.

Now he adds more mirror links to the same pictures, trying to pretend there is possible more, there is not.

No logic why he did this, mirrors for what you already copied it into your blog?! Now he just copied stuff onto other platforms.

Now he did a screenshot of my repository, parts of it. For what purpose?


Beyond any logic. He advertises me and my repo. This was also btw from a very old version, maybe even the first. Not the last or the current one when n1kobg took the screenshot. I suspect someone gave him a web archive link.

Apparently this order now is from latest to oldest, so I will comment on his spread misinformation.


He talks with himself on his blog now, comment on something which he might think I’ve said or wrote down. Apparently he does not know what C-states are for, so here are some links and here, here and here. This disproves his claim, since he never tested or benchmarked his own “tweaks”.

Debunked his claim that I had no clue what I was talking about. Shows he has no clue.

Proving him wrong, once again.


Here he calls me incompetent, the troll himself, no proof so far, I proved him clearly wrong, yet he continues. I triggered him hard, and his ego kicked in.

  • He claims I am on a crusade, I never said or claimed it.
  • He, who never posted any project on GitHub, again, this person calls me incompetent.
  • Furthermore, he does now quote me once, no one can understand what he is referring too. It’s just nonsense he is talking about. Microsoft constantly did change and added and removed some apps, responded and fixed and created new problems. This is how software works, it is never perfect, so quotes from paste could have been already addressed by Microsoft.

This is completely wrong, I said that removing or suggesting removing it can have consequences. MS later did respond and added Cortana as app. I said it’s pointless to remove the app which you can disable (freeze) because they do not run, however it still can create problems, features like search or the Start menu can break. I mentioned a reference as example that Cortana can cause issues, this bug was legitimate. Apparently his English is so bad that he do not understand some words. Maybe ask your Ghacks goons, they have time translating it for you.

“SLI fixes stuttering.”
  • Who suggest buying another card to fix driver/game engine problems? How retarded is that? It can cause micro stuttering, you need to spend more energy, and SLI is pretty much dead. Because no one likes to buy a second GPU and then find out that his game does not include an SLI profile. There are workarounds, but this is another topic.
“Disabling Telemetry reduces overall system overhead, not everyone has high-end systems or want to be spied on.”
  • This is nonsense, if telemetry is correctly implemented it causes no “overhead”. Telemetry runs same like the Cortana app in memory only. He claims some garbage. No proof, this is written from someone who never coded a “hello world” in his life nor understands how to debug or implement anything.
  • What has the cable to do with the actual bandwidth which goes trough the line? Right-nothing at all. Please learn what cat cables are:

The bandwidth of a Cat5 cable is 100 Mbps while as the bandwidth of a Cat6 cable is 1000 Mbps, this does not change how fast your overall bandwidth is if you only have 50 Mbps then a cat5 cable will do it. His argumentation is pointless so or so because your router comes with cables, even if you buy your own router, they come with cables. The certificated cables are based on what your router ix maximal capable of handling + respects the given standards. This has something to do with certification, if the cables must be shielded, twisted or are designed for file transfer, see here.


He seriously claims Intel provided documents are his work. Beyond cringe. If you copy something from the cmd, it is not yours. Intel or Ms wrote and documented it and integrated it into the OS, they own copyright on everything you copy out of the OS.

I will explain here some of the shown toggles.

netsh int tcp set global chimney=disabled for example was posted in 2012 already on another website. He thinks that discovering commands makes you the copyright owner. It was long before posted all over the internet. He fails to show evidence for his claim. NETSH INTERFACE TCP SHOW GLOBAL (shown in given link) basically reveals all current command, this command is from before Windows 10.

Cannot even write my nickname.

Tries to trigger me writing my nickname wrong, pathetic.


Begging for donations on every single page. This is what this is all about. Please help him, he has mental issues and needs money to bu a gun and a bullet to put an end to this.

Checking n1kobg Blog for plagiarism

netsh interface teredo set state disabled

  • Stolen from here, points to a post from 2015, there are entries on the internet much older than his post.

Telemetry Stop Apps

  • He provides an link to stuff he found and uploaded, claiming its his work because nothing states its not his.

Batch file for Cortana

  • Script stolen from MDL forum, not necessary anymore because you can uninstall all apps except Store with just one PowerShell command. You did not create any of parts of the script, it is not even open source.

Group Policy Editor for Windows 10 Home

Disable Windows Store Apps (except Calculator & Windows Photos)

  • Stolen from others and uploaded on, no credit given.

“His g-booster is closed source”


“Clock Rate”=dword:00002710

  • Stolen from here, no credit given.

Conclusion about this nobody alias n1kobg

This goes on and on. He is the one who steals other people tweaks and even claim he found or even invented them, which is nothing but ridiculous. He even stole other people’s accusations because he is to lazy to come up with his own stuff, in fact he has no own projects on GitHub. His so-called screenshots showing documented flags, and he seriously claims he has copyright on them, those toggles are listed with one single help command, I showed that command. There exist entries with “his” flags, which exist around 2010, but he cannot explain it. His tweaks are copy & pastes from Vista, maybe even XP times. His website is highly outdated, he even still lists Windows 7. Windows 7 is not even anymore supported. He will surely now start editing his page like he always did once he got busted.

n1kobg is a troll who can not stand valid and objective criticism, I blame myself responding to this troll and wasting my pressures time commenting on his nonsense tweaks. Absolute nothing from it is needed in Windows 10/11. The difference it makes is at best marginal. He does not provide any evidence in terms of videos or screenshots with benchmarks, showing the system, drivers before and after, which makes it even more cringe.

No professional person should listen to him because he does not even know the basics, random tweaks applying from for 10 years, he found on the internet have in Windows 10 zero meaning. This is nothing but FUD spread for someone who plays his community to get money. Every page of his website has a donation button on the bottom, even Patreon for what? Uploading scripts on or abusing Google Blog to spread misinformation against me and possible others. Support for stuff he found and copied on the web or comments made by other individuals? I gave him the hand but all I hear is “my this, my that” there is no evidence that he created any of it as he claims. Please upload your tweaks on GitHub so that we can see your commits, and then we can talk because no one can verify what you say.

n1kobg reaches out to a community who illegal dox others and seriously think it’s cool, and apparently even with help he was not able to debunked claims or capable of showing more than his words.

His friends or people in his Discord even forked my repository, this is cringe. People who are no developers or interested in open source at all, n1kobg even creates nonsense “projects” on GitHub. He had more than enough time to respond on my actual GitHub repository, he did no such thing and after showing him his failures he could not live with it and created more nonsense plus reached out to a troll community alias ghacks-user.js. FACTS.

He made a fool out of himself, providing basically nothing, simply showing what I said before, his tweaks are taken from the internet, without any credit, and he even adds Patreon and donation banners. This is disrespectful to the whole “tweakers” community. He is the internet dirt no one asked for.


What I actually stand for

  • I am reliable.
  • Support FOSS since years.
  • I disclosed and wasted my time now (after years of silence) to debunk the false accusations with the actual facts. There is nothing someone can disprove me with.
  • I am objective, I also have some biased, but I label and mark my bias, if possible.
  • I am honest. Not only that, but I do not code most of my life for money or attention, I do the things I do without doing a scene or starting a drama.
  • I do not abuse GitHub’s issue ticket to dox others without anything substantial and do respect GitHub ToS always, even if I do not agree n lots of parts.
  • I am open. There are not much people posting as much as I do on a regular basis.
  • I support black lives matter and other activism, communities and support, with real money e.g. EFF. Since many years.
  • I never tried to hide anything, and I responded to the “best of my will” if I got the opportunity.
  • Everyone who does not participate in hate speech, harassment, doxing is welcome – with open arms I want to add here, because it’s also been spread that I am somewhat a monster. This is not the case.
  • I hate cheater and I stand to my action that cheater should be removed from any public platform which aims to be for coders.

What I do not stand for

  • I do not plagiarize peoples work, this is spread without actual evidence. Adding an exclamation mark emoji to gain attention is no proof and more like a dramatic statement from a drama queen, someone who btw cannot code but tries to explain us how Firefox works or how to harden, secure it, think about it.
  • I responded to all accusations now, wasted my time, I gain nothing from this. People who support me will continue to do so and I am more than thankful.
  • I gave enough credit when needed this is shown across my repositories, Twitter and other platforms.
  • I do not support people who want to waste my and their time doing a witch-hunt. If you do not like me, fine. Just block me then and that’s it, that’s what adults would do.
  • I do not claim something in which I am not involved into.
  • I standup for people who seriously need or request my honest help. It does not matter if it is one guy, girl or 1000 people I always tried my best and shared what I know in good faith. Apparently people like to exploit this for their own purposes, which is nothing but shameful.
  • I am no drama queen, however if someone makes money with my stuff I will take action. This is no threat, it is a response to unlawful actions.

Ghacks user.js maintainers are proven now to be:

  • Jealous – They are in their mid-twenties while I reached more than they ever will, well harassing others – I can tell you that is not wanted, once this comes out your contract also can canceled or you get fired. This is the main reason why these people always hide their identities, hiding behind so-called privacy communities, so that they think they can get away with it.
  • Miserable losers who cannot lose, they harass you until they think they won. The term miserable loser is often been associated in sports when someone cannot accept that he/she just lost, this is the case here, otherwise why waste your time with me?
  • Harass me and possible others and think it is cool. Those cyberbullies should get banned on GitHub and all other platforms and branded for the rest of their lives as doxxer and cyber-mobber.
  • Alt account – They had their appearance mostly in 2018 and that’s about it. I am 10 years on GitHub with 1.02 Million commits in total without any issue until such clowns do a smear campaign just because they are bored with their own life. The real damage is done to my reputation, however, I was easily turning around tables and debunked those liars and their miserable attempts to discredit my credibility.
  • They are fanboys and fanboys typically “holding together”, this is called social bond or social collective, one spreads something and another follows blindly. If you check their comments, you see this very fast. Moral Panic creates lots of problems, we see this now in our everyday life from conspiracy people spreading misinformation on purpose truly believing that their reality is correct, ghacks-user.js community is such a moral panic group.
  • They lie deliberately, twist my words and claim a lot without actually showing anything except their “words”.
  • They stalk every move, literally, that is clearly shown how else is someone crazy enough to write multiple times “don’t waste my time” and then starts the same crap over and over again?
  • Possible mental problems, maybe losers, outsider and not accepted in the real world a normal person does not stalk, harass and check every move across the internet and waste his time doing a smear campaign against you.
  • They copy others, “their” stuff comes from Bugzilla, 1:1 re-write and that’s all they do. They are not by any means professional and such projects should be avoided, especially when claimed security and privacy is been “increased”. This is nothing but a claim without anything at all, they do not even provide test pattern how they want check or proof this to others not involved into hardening or fingerprinting.
  • They have no contact information, this is typically for people who dox and harass others on the internet. This fits into the above-mentioned observation about people who like to bully others.
  • They do not provide any evidence at all, most of their mentioned stuff is off-topic, a which-hunt, designed to dox or harass me and to gain attention
  • Childish, raid attempts on my Discord showing that they are bunch of kids, no clue about copyright, no clue about doing research, never contacting me and even infiltrate my servers to get free info from me on behalf of my work, time and passion.
  • Provoke others to send bogus take-down notice. This alone should result into a permanent ban.
  • They mock none native English speakers, well news – it is not cool! Abusing “weaknesses” this way to make your point is low, so low that I did not even bother to respond, until now.
  • Even GitHub finally acknowledge that vague infringement allegations considered harmful.

For every more lie spread I will post more true facts exposing more of their lies and answer immediately. I will give misinformation no room, I did this long enough and I was tolerant enough, allowing others on my behalf getting some clicks and attention they never deserved in the first place.

The text can be copied. I give my permission, there is no license, and you can duplicate or use it without altering (manipulating) the given text.


The END (?)


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