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My last post…. here on WordPress

So this is it, I’m done here, closing the doors but when one door is closed it automatically opens another one, right?! I do believe so. Hopefully, I’m able to merge all old WordPress post into the new Blog currently there some incompatible things which I need to manually edit. Yep over 1000 files.. uargh! But everything else is almost setup already.


Thanks to all my readers!

I hope we going to see us on ‘the other side’ but I like to give credits whenever I can for those who earned it, my readers and followers. Thanks, guys you’re all amazing and keep me motivated to rock on.

New Domain and everything open source, that’s the promise – no secrets!

My main motivation to make the switch from WordPress was that it’s limited especially if you’re not a paid customer and there is almost no transparency. So I decided to use Jekyll which is perfect for static sites and blogs. A lot of people already using it and you get tons of options to customize it, use pre-made themes and plugins and be creative like you want. Of course, you could do similar things with WordPress but I think Jekyll is clean and smaller and especially for beginners easier to understand. The community is really helpful and the entire project is very well documented and there even examples are given.

However, I was also thinking to get an own Domain, in fact, I was already playing with this idea for years now, so I just did it. The new domain I purchased is, easy to remember I decided to purchase the domain via Host Europe GmbH which are well-known players and trustable. My whois information is obfuscated to protect me against possible attacks, quite a common technique these days.

Since I’m not quite sure what I do with my domain I let my site redirect you to the source of my Blog, which is now whenever you visit the domain you get pointed to the Blog automatically. In the near future when WordPress finally decided to answer me you will also be redirected from to The migration is not fully done, in fact, I need to edit really all posts myself which I might never do, there several techniques to migrate from WordPress, as explained over here, but once again I need to wait for WordPress to get really all data otherwise I would really be forced to do ‘handwork’ which I not really like to do at this point.

Since I’m not good in Adobe Photoshop or want to spend hundreds of hours designing my own Blog theme I decided to search for premade themes, minimal-mistakes was something I instantly liked and I already played a lot with it. So I finally decided to use it as my Blog theme, of course, I will change several things which I already mentioned on the Todo list. That said I want to keep the Blog now clean from any annoying popups, banners and other shit which might cause the page loading speed to slow down. I like to keep the focus on the articles and nothing else.

The change for you as a reader

  • Faster page loading speed
  • No annoying ads ever, I, however, integrate Google analytics service to get myself informed what you like/dislike clicked and searched on my page. This is needed since Jekyll doesn’t provide some kind of Dashboard, there are plugins to implement it but this loads awful slow – I tested it on several Browsers. Google Analytics will however not be used to track you as individual and there will be an opt-out of it implemented in the near future.
  • The URL is shorter, is less to type. Yep, it does matter especially on a mobile device.
  • My promises I made here on the old block are still valid, I try to keep my focus on the important stuff – the news/articles.
  • My social accounts and the rest are still the same, so if you like to subscribe to my Blog you only need to do it on the new Blog once again to get new articles. There will be an option integrated to email subscribe to the site and an RSS-Feed.
  • The search is in real-time so whenever you like to find stuff you see instantly the results, regular expressions are supported.
  • There will be an archive, so you can search the archive or via the search option which will give you the ability to limit the results per month, year or day.
  • The download size per page is less now, which means faster site loading speed and less bandwidth consumption.
  • Comments are now automatically approved because it’s protected by a CAPTCHA system (also a reason I use the analytics service cause it’s an all-in-one-package). The comment will be pushed by Staticmanv2 as a pull request and if everything is okay it automatically shows you comment and re-compile the website.
  • Still missing graphics and icons, as already mentioned I not really like to spend my lifetime in doing fancy graphics (I prefer math cubes over .SVG’s) so if you like to help me, you can now do a pull request on GitHub and I add you graphics including credits of course.
  • My no forum policy will stand, I’m not a forum friend (anymore). Well, I never really was I prefer real-time discussions over lame forum off-topic discussions and to be honest I not like to play the kindergarten cop. In general, everyone can hang-out with me talk every shit he or she likes in the known social channels, the benefit I do not really need to monitor the discussions which when I would create a forum would be my responsibility and I not want to do that, I also think that forums are a dying form of communication, as said real-time is the way to go or just leave a comment that’s in my opinion more than enough.  Another benefit is that you not need to register to an unknown platform which might collect your data, there several social platforms I support which doesn’t require you to login and you can encrypt your conversations while this is on public forums not possible.
  • You can/could provide ideas and pull requests, which means the platform is interactive – you don’t like something?! Okay let’s make a pull request and I review it, this also applies to security or page related stuff. 4 eyes are always seen more than 2, so benefit here is obvious.
  • There several share buttons available, they’re not connected (due to security reasons) to Reddit & Co. I’m at this point unsure if I keep them, from my experience share buttons doesn’t increase your page rank or you magically get more traffic. In 90% of all cases, you get traffic over the search engine and if you share yourself the articles on specific platforms and of course if a bigger site gives you a mention. That said I might remove these buttons entirely.
  • Markdown for comments etc. Markdown is coming, which means it’s easy to learn and already used on the biggest platforms such as GitLab, GitHub, Jekyll etc. Another point which was important for me, because you don’t need to mess with bbcode/html. My new Blog already supports multimarkdown (basically a pimped version).

I hope that I get the Domain and Blog in an acceptable quality over the next week (I can’t give you a specific date I’m two weeks also on vacation to not get a burnout or something – cause I right now feel like this). However, you already can comment or read the articles in a better quality than it currently is (my apologies for the current beta status).

That’s pretty much it, the rest will be covered in the Readme or Todo – you see there is more transparency and you instantly see what I’m working on.