Private Internet Access proves again that they don’t keep logs!

PIA is one of my favorite provider when it comes to VPN’s, it’s reliable and one of the oldest providers I’m aware of. TorrentFreak again writes an article about the current findings based on the story back from 2017. This is now the second time PIA was inspected and it shows yet again that you can trust them.

PIA No Logs
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How can you be sure they don’t have something similar going on behind the scenes?

PIA has had independent reviews done in terms of logging that verify they don’t do it and it has also been confirmed in a US court case were PIA was subpoenaed and could only provide transaction logs.

How does a VPN provider manage to keep no logs?

First of all every VPN provider logs, this is a matter of a fact since every backend integrates and implements such ability the difference is how such data are handled. Most providers I’m aware of null-routing those data to /dev/null, which means when the server restarts, crashes or shutdown no data are anymore available. This is a common technique to ensure nothing can be captured from outside. This applies to every server they provide.

But why is there a log at all you ask? Well, it’s simple there exist no backend (server or client side) which exclude any logging functionally if a provider claims he has no logs then this would mean he wrote the software himself, this is maybe dangerous and mostly not possible without huge effort. So what the provider usually does is to throw them into a special folder/dir in order to ‘destroy’ them whenever there is a risk. This doesn’t require a provider to write their own software and is fast and clean.

The myth about surveillance networks

I often get asked if it does matter if the VPN provider is in 14 eyes, 5 eyes etc surveillance network. I can tell you this, it doesn’t matter as long the VPN provider holds what he promises and as long as the encryption is strong enough even if for some reasons the government or another organization forces your VPN provider to give away something, they couldn’t because there is simply nothing they can give them. The jurisdiction, in fact, doesn’t matter, cause there are laws and holes, every country has its own surveillance network (official or illegal) so if you think you choose a Swiss provider – think again – because the traffic anyway goes to other countries which in order words mean that they could grab the data from there without any permission.  The myth that jurisdiction or the surveillance network matters is nothing but this a myth, every country and agencies want you data and the history told us that they don’t give a shit about the laws, so the best choice you have is a no log provider with a strong encryption, the rest is just marketing and to play with people’s fear, especially with those who have no clue about networking.

Closing Words

PIA!  You get my absolutism.popeanim